FILE SP 2014

FILE SP 2014
August 26 to October 5

The 15th edition of FILE – Electronic Language International Festival in São Paulo takes place this year from August 26 to October 5 at Centro Cultural FIESP – Ruth Cardoso. The festival occupies four spaces in this venue: the Art Gallery, the SESI Digital Art Gallery (building facade), the FIESP Space, and the Mezzanine, besides the pavement of the Consolação, Trianon-Masp, and Brigadeiro subway stations. Participation in all activities is free.

(Art Gallery of SESI-SP)
August 26 through October 5, 2014
(10am to 8pm daily)

The exhibition of FILE SP 2014 presents 20 installations, 3 interactive performances, 213 animations, 24 games designed for several platforms, 14 machinimas, 85 videos, 45 artworks of net and sound art, as well as a selection of Japanese artists’ 8 works in partnership with the Japan Media Arts Festival.


Alex Verhaest – Temps Mort / Idle Times – Netherlands
“Temps Mort / Idle Times” is an interactive film relating the story of a family embroiled in an age-old family drama. Spectators are encouraged to form bonds between these disparate elements through the edition, creating their own film. In this way, Verhaest exposes the mechanics that drive the medium of film.

Bonjour Interactive Lab: Jean Philippe Jacquot, Alexandre Rivaux & Gustave Bernier – Passage – France
“Passage” is a sensitive setup that decrypts the visual and sound imprint of those who step near it. This room is a representation of the data we leave in spite of ourselves, at each of our visits on the web.

Canda? ?i?man – SYN-Phon – Turkey
“SYN-Phon” is an art timeline installation where the artist develops graphic interfaces synchronized with the sounds, which were produced from the research made during the artist’s residence in the Budapest Art Factory (BAF).

Chevalvert, 2Roqs, Polygraphik & Splank – Murmur – France
“Murmur” is an architectural prosthesis that enables the communication between passers-by and the wall upon which it is connected. The installation simulates the movement of sound waves, building a luminous bridge between the physical and the virtual worlds. “Murmur” focuses on this movement, thus creating an unconventional dialogue between the public and the wall.

Dmitry & Elena Kawarga – Down with Wrestlers with Systems and Mental Nonadapters! – Russia
One needs to go on a run simulator to start up the process (a social mechanism). On one hand, one feels himself as the God, because the moving of the mechanism depends on his steps and on the other hand he is only one figure amongst the others. The consciousness of visitors is bisecting – does the society absorb each of us? Or are we ourselves absorbed by this enslaving mechanism?

Els Viaene – The Mamori Expedition – Belgium
“The Mamori Expedition” is a wooden installation that replicates the path that the artist followed during an expedition through the Brazilian Amazon forest in 2009. There are three wooden arms filled with water. Once you insert a stick into the water and move along the twists and turns of the sculpture, the sounds recorded in the forest are reproduced.

Eric Marke – Kaleido-Led – Brazil
“Kaleido-Led” was based on the kaleidoscope invented in England in 1817 by Scottish physicist Dawid Brewster. The images that generate the fractals use the reflex of the light produced by colored LEDs that flash for a certain time in three mirrors inclined in an angle of 45 degrees to each other. In every movement, various combinations of visual effects are formed.

Everyware: Hyunwoo Bang & Yunsil Heo – Levitate – South Korea
“Levitate” is a humorous new media interpretation about gravity and the last scientific fetters of humankind. Tens of serenely levitating balls suddenly float up and dance as your mind resonate with them.

Everyware: Hyunwoo Bang & Yunsil Heo – Modern Video Processor – South Korea
“Modern Video Processor” is a skeuomorphic metaphor to reminisce about the simple days when talking to machines just meant plugging cables, switching buttons and rotating dials. By patching wooden video effector modules like the 80’s audio synthesizer, you can cascade a series of video effects in real time creating limitless combinatory output videos on the brown tube TV sets.

JeongHo Park – Boxes – Germany
“’Boxes” is a tangible and projection-mapping interactive installation. Sixteen small cubes are placed next to others and a small video showing windows of a building is projected on every box. Some stories are created by the movement and assembling of the boxes.

Kanlun Cen – The Undercurrent – China
In the installation, the distorted image projected on the tabletop is reflected in the cylindrical mirror. While one sequence is distorted and reminiscent of a dreamlike state or the hazy inner workings of the mind, the other is clear and in proportion, which enables us to decipher the anamorphic image, thus to confront the ‘undercurrent’ in our mind.

Karina Smigla-Bobinski – Simulacra – Poland/Germany
“Simulacra” is an optophysical experimental arrangement. If you hold a magnifying glass (polarizing film) before the monitor, images of hands, feet, and long black hair appear through a seemingly transparent film. But if you turn the lens in front of your eyes, the polarizing structure of the film creates color shifts or even complementary negative images.

Kenny Wong – Squint – Hong Kong
“Squint” is a kinetic light installation consisting of 51 mirrors that reflect lights in a bright space. The mirrors track and reflect lights on audiences’ face with composed patterns of movements. It extends the generated perception by focusing on how lights pass across our visual senses physically, and combines with our perception of images through flickering.

Luisa Pereira & Manuela Donoso – The Harmonic Series – United States
“The Harmonic Series” is a collection of mechanical devices, software, sculptures, and prints that explore musical harmony. Major, minor, e diminished chords are represented by Lissajous figures, inviting visitors to discover a relationship between musical and visual harmony.

Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt – Matières Sensibles – France
Made through a process of biohacking called by the artists of “interactive marquetry”, “Matières Sensibles” (Sensitive Matters) is a series of sculptures made of very thin and delicate veneer sheets of ash wood, which produce sounds when the spectators touch them.

SWAMP: Matt Kenyon – Notepad – United States
“Notepad” is an act of protest and commemoration disguised as a stack of ordinary yellow legal pads. Each ruled line, when magnified, is revealed to be microprinted text enumerating the full names, dates, and locations of each Iraqi civilian death on record over the first three years of the Iraq War.

SWAMP: Matt Kenyon – Supermajor – United States
In the gallery a wire rack of vintage oil cans sits. One has a visible fissure out of which oil slowly flows, cascading onto the pedestal and the gallery floor. The only thing is, upon close inspection, the oil isn’t flowing out of the can. Instead, oil appears to slowly flow, drop-by-drop, back into the can.

Takeshi Mukai, Kei Shiratori & Younghyo Bak – ARART – Japan
“ARART” is an application that breathes life into objects. It links reality with the expressions delivered through mobile devices adding new stories and values to the real environment.

Thembi Rosa & Lucas Sander – EscadaAdentro (StairsInwards) – Brazil
“StairsInwards” is a video installation designed to be project in stairs in a system of mapping that keep the whole body into the stairs bringing up unpredictable movements to this surface.

Vitus Schuhwerk & Till Maria Jürgens – @><#!!! – The Life of an Overtaxed Surface – Germany
“@><#!!!” is a surface of an arbitrary machine communicating on an emotional level with the humans. It tries to make internal processes visible by an alteration of its surface structure and to react on interaction. The final result simulates a living object with feelings, action, and reaction.


Ei Wada – Toki Ori Ori Nasu – Falling Records – Japan
In this work, open reel tape recorders are placed on top of high pedestals and, as they play back, the magnetic tape unspools down into plastic receptacle below. At the end it is wound back up at high speed to a symphonic soundtrack.

Hiroyasu Ishida – Rain Town – Japan
Some time ago, the rain began to fall incessantly. Because of that the citizens went to the suburbs and higher grounds. One day, a young girl who has been completely abandoned meets a lonely robot that remembers the town as it used to be.

Masaharu Sato – Nine Holes Series – Japan
A selection of five short works of loop animation depicting weird things happening in what are otherwise everyday situations. All of these works feature vertical motion and gravity and provide us with the disquieting nature of the bizarre and the visually amusing.

Masashi Kawamura & Kota Igushi – SOUR “Life is Music” – Japan
This is a music video for the Japanese band SOUR’s new song “Life is Music”. The song sings about the circle of life, and how music is its rhythm maker. From this concept, 189 spinning CD discs were used as a Phenakistoscope, creating the entire animated music video.

Sayonara Ponytail – “Hey!! Nyan ?” and other songs – Japan
The anonymous singers in this group have asked the likes of video artists, photographers, designers and playwrights to direct and produce their music clips in recent years. The result in each case has been an outstanding experimental collaboration.

Soichiro Mihara – The Blank to Overcome – Japan
Part of the “blank” project that the artist has been creating since 2011, “The Blank to Overcome” utilizes air pumps, power supply control circuitry, water, solution, glycerin, ethanol and electricity to produce bubbles in the air.

Takayoshi Tsuchiya – UpHill – Japan
It depicts a myriad of scroll bars randomly moving up and down the screen. The artist has not created a video, merely a software program that display automatically scroll bars on a web browser.

Yasuhiro Yoshiura – Patema Inverted – Japan
Age is a boy who lives in Aiga, a world where long ago many sinners fell from the sky, and the sky was poisoned. One day, he is watching the sky just before dawn when an upside-down girl called Patema appears. Beginning with this encounter, the story is a spectacular journey full of surprises in search of the mystery of the “reversed world”.


FILE Machinima 2014 presents a selection of experimental films that address the limits as an element that pervades its themes or as a question involving the techniques used in its constitution. They are visual experiences that are based in the constitution of virtual environments, in the difference between them and the physical world, in the margins separating the conscious from the unconscious, and in the diverse range of audiovisual expressive forms.

Anita Fontaine – Knightshift – United States
Baden Pailthorpe – Cadence I – Australia
Benoit Paillé – Hyper Timelapse GTA5 (Crossroad of Realities) – Canada
Ip Yuk Yiu – The Plastic Garden – Hong Kong
Jairo Gutiérrez Feut – The Infinite Walk – Germany
Kent Sheely – Aspect – United States
Luis Hernandez Galvan – …And Everything He Touched Was Turned Into Gold… – Singapore
Marco Cadioli – Google Error – Italy
Marco Cadioli – Over Data – Italy
Marco Mendeni – r_lightTweakSunlight – Italy
Marco Mendeni – r_lightTweakSunlight_Drone – Italy
Mary Flanagan – [borders:la rocca] – United States
Victor Morales – Venus: The Bringer of Peace – United States
Victor Morales – Mad as Hell – United States


austraLYSIS: Hazel Smith, Will Luers & Roger Dean – Motions – Australia
A. Bill Miller – gridworks2000 (samples) – United States
Aaron Oldenburg – Towa Towa – United States
alan bigelow – This Is – United States
Ana Carolina von Hertwig – Unfinished Business – Brazil
calin man aka reVoltaire – Fifty Mississippi – Romania
Filip Gabriel Pud?o – New Heuristics – Poland
Jon Horvath & Hans Gindlesberge – Street Scene – United States
Lisa Erb – Boundary Investigations – Germany
Matthew Torti – TVDhS – United States
Nathalie Lawhead – Tetrageddon Games – United States
Oberon Onmura – Cascade – United States
osvaldo cibils – soundart2013 – Italy
Peter Whittenberger – The Aggregate Model – United States
Peter Whittenberger – The Process of a Sneeze Face – United States
rachelmauricio castro – [r.N] – Brazil
Roderick Coover, Scott Rettberg & Nick Montfort – Three Rails Live – United States
whoun – 240313:Bit-Poems – Spain
Will Luers – Fingerbend – United States
Zohar Kfir – Points Of View – Canada


Alexander Senko – Up And Away – Russia
Betelhem Makonnen – Complicated – Brazil
Diego Garro – Dammtor – United Kingdom
Eleftherios Papadimitriou – L’Union Libre – Greece
Gürkan M?hç? aka Soduz – Soduz_002 – Turkey
jonobr1 & Lullatone – Neuronal Synchrony – United States
Lucas Ferraço Nassif – O espelho não é reflexo, é cintilância – Brazil
Luisa Puterman – Trem | Train – Brazil
Matthew Biederman & Alain Thibault – Physical – Canada
RMBit: Hisung Chengkai, Wang Zhipeng, Weng Wei, Yes Fire & Shi Zheng – Code: E – China
Robert Clouth & Henning M. Lederer – Tunnelblick – Germany
Rozita Fogelman – ASCII – GL1tCH.4RT 2014 [Cypress [dub1] minimal techno] – United States
VJ Eletroiman – Representa Corisco 2013 – Spain


Daniel Gazana – Bruma Ignota – Brazil
Francesco Cavaliere – Bacchette Immaginifiche (Toccata E Fuga) – Italy
Intercity-Express – Triggering – Japan
Juan Carlos Vasquez – Collage 3 – United Kingdom
Marcela Lucatelli, Pedro Paulo Rocha & Rodolfo Valente – Gestus Kanto-GlyTkH – Denmark
Mari Ohno – Speacking Clock – Japan
Michele Del Prete – Selva Di Varie Intonazioni – Italy
Philip Mantione – Salvatore: Deadman Overlook – United States
Philip Mantione – Salvatore: Earthquake V1 – United States
Philip Mantione – Salvatore: Earthquake V2 – United States
Sandrine Deumier & Philippe Lamy – Kandy LK9 – France
Timo Tuhkanen – Eschaton – Finland
Martin Romeo – The Method – Italy

(Facade of the FIESP building)
Schedule: August 26 through September 7, 2014
(daily, 8pm to 10pm – interactive works, and 10pm to 6am – visual works)


FILE presents the 2nd edition of FILE Led Show which exhibits interactive animations by Dutch-Brazilian artist Rafaël Rozendaal on the Led panel on the facade of the FIESP building on Paulista Avenue. From the Internet to the public space, his animations have online addresses where he public can also can interact.
Interactive Works
Visual Works

FILE Anima+, FILE Games, and Video Art (FIESP Space)
Schedule: August 26 through September 7, 2014 (10am to 8pm daily)


FILE Anima+ intends to consolidate new audiences for animation by means of screenings comprising several techniques and matters, as well as a juxtaposition of the digital and of the analogical. With more than 100 animations in its own curatorship, this edition of the festival maintains its partnerships with festivals such as Japan Media Arts Festival, Sicaf (South Korea), and Siggraph (USA).

Alexander Gellner – I Am Glad We Can Be Honest About This – Germany
Alexandra Levasseur – Table D’Hôte – France
Alfred Imageworks / Kyungmin Wool – Johnny Express – South Korea
Alice Dunseath – Hunting For Hockney – United Kingdom
Amir Admoni – Linear – Brazil
André Maat – Woodoo – Germany
Animade – Queue The Cowboy – United Kingdom
ArtBelly Productions / Miguel Garza – The Gold Sparrow – United States
Barefooted Knights – IMACHINARIUM – Belgium
Beakus – Royal Observatory Greenwich: How Big Is The Universe? – United Kingdom
Beakus – Sky ‘Penny Dreadful – Frankenstein’ Viral – United Kingdom
Ben Brand – Life Is Beautiful – Germany
Birdo Studios / Guilherme Marcondes – Caveirão – Brazil
Birdo Studios / Pedro Eboli – Gloom-Menina – Brazil
Bito – Chou Meng-Tieh – By The Verse – China
Caleb Wood – Plumb – United States
Caleb Wood – TOTEM – United States
Cesar Martinez – A Rather Lovely Thing – Mexico
Chris Coleman – METRO Re/De-Construction – United States
Conor Finnegan – Fear Of Flying – Ireland
Daisuke Kaneko – ECIRAVA – Japan
Daniel Britt – I Decided To Leave – United Kingdom
Dan Kokotjalo – FMK/Launch Film – United Kingdom
Daniel Farah – The Wend – Mexico
David Boub – Das Haus/The House – Germany
Emma De Swaef & James Roele – Oh Willy – Belgium
Eoin Duffy – Ditch The Monkeys – Thoughts – Canada
Eric Power – Morning Ritual – United States
Eric Schockmel – Macrostructure – United Kingdom
Eva Franz & Marc James Roels – OMEGA – United States
Fabio Tonetto – Pluto 3000 – Italy
Federico Gutiérrez – Perfect World – Mexico
Fiona Dalwood – Good Grief – Australia
Florent Texier – Xiu Xiu – Botanica de Los Angeles – France
Gavin Hoffman – Complicit – Ireland
Giant Ant Team – Costa Sunglasses / Project Guyana – Canada
Guillaume Blanchet – A Girl Named Elastika – France
Haruki Kawanaka – Float – Japan
Headless Productions / FEMA – Show You Care – Spain
Henrique Barone – Mike Edel’s The Closer – Brazil/Canada
Hi Organic Studio – Plastic Flowers – Taiwan
Hisko Hulsing – Junk Yard – Netherlands
I-Chun Chen – Shui-Yuan Lin Legend: Second Episode – Taiwan
Ivan Fernandez – Cousas de meigas – Spain
Javier Polo /Turanga Films – Europe In 8 Bits – Spain
Jilli Rose – Sticky – France
Joan Guasch – Isolated – Spain
Job, Joris & Marieke Studios – Happy Camper – The Daily Drumbeat – Netherlands
John Code Kim – Steadfast Stanley – United States
Joseba Elorza – Salva – Spain
Juan Antonio Espigares – Fuga – Spain
Kadavre Exquis – Equateur/The Lava – France
Katie Armstrong – Interlude – United States
Katarzyna Kijek & Przemyslaw Adamski – We Cut Corners – Best Friend – Poland
La Academia de Animacíon – Bailongo – Spain
Lucas Navarro – Bord de Mer – France
Malcolm Sutherland – Storm Jumper – Canada
Margherita Premuroso – M.o.M. – United Kingdom
Marine Duchet – Cyclope – France
Markus Hofko – Flying Lotus (feat. Laura Darlington – Phantasm) – New Zealand
Maryam Farahzadi – The Role Of Each Fret – Iran Mathieu Labaye – Orgesticulanismus – Belgium
Matt Burniston – The Mega Plush – Episode II – United Kingdom
Matt Scharenbroich – Sims “LMG” – United States
Matthew Stephenson – They Both Explode – United Kingdom
Max Max Hattler – Stop The Show – United Kingdom
Max Litvinov – Birder – Russia
Maxime Hélier – Deux escargots s’em vont… – France
Maxime Hélier – La Goutte – France
Meditating Bunny Studios – Yellow Sticky Notes: Canadian Anijam – Canada
Miguel Jirón – Paint Showers – United States
Mike Geiger – On The Subway – Australia
Mr Kaplin – Damp Spirits – United Kingdom
Murat Sayginer – Zodiac – Evolution – Germany
Nicole Stafford – The Usual – United States
Nils Knoblich – From Dad To Son – Germany
Noah Harris – Julio Bashmore’s Peppermint – United Kingdom
Paul Bloomfield – Squeezie – United Kingdom
Péter Vácz – Rabbit And Deer – Hungary
Piero Tonin – Hoblio: The Path To Freedom – Italy
Rafaël Rozendaal – – Netherlands
Rafaël Rozendaal – – Netherlands
Rafaël Rozendaal – – Netherlands
Renata Ga?siorowska – With Your Eyes Closed – Poland
Rosana Urbes – Guida – Brazil
Rosanna Wan – I Like It When You’re Gone – United Kingdom
Ryann Shannon – Rain Check Birder – United States
Seth Boyden – Hoof It – United States
Shimi Asresay & Hily Noy – Strange Fruit – Israel
Siqi Song – Food – China
Takayuki Sato – The Moment Of Beauty – Japan
Talia Randall And Common Room Animation Project – Common Room – Israel
Tetsuya Tatamitani – MIA Animation – Japan Tobias Stretch – Unity By Cristopher Bono – United States
Victor Caire – Pinnipédes – France
Vivienne Medrano – Timber – United States
Wasaru – Brian Damage Meets Vibronics – Sufferation – France
Wasaru – Kaly Live Dub – Allaxis – France
Wataru Uekusa – A Crow Is White – Japan
Wesley Rodrigues – Viagem na chuva – Brazil
Zachary Zezima – Cruising – United States

Japan Media Arts Festival

Animated Short Program 2014
IMABAYASHI YUKA – MyakuMyaku / Drops of life – Japan
HIMEDA Manabu – Yokosobokudesu – Japan
HIRAOKA Masanobu – One And Three Four – Japan
KABUKI Sawako – Here, There and Everywhere – Japan
KIM Hakhyun – Maze King – Korea
KUNO Yoko – Airy Me – Japan
MIZUE Mirai – Wonder – Japan
MIZUSHIRI Yoriko – Snow Hut – Japan
SAKAMOTO Yusuke – Wee Willie Winkie – Japan
SUKIKARA Makiko & MATSUMURA Kohei – Wee Willie Winkie – Japan
WADA Atsushi – Anomalies – Japan
YAMAZAKI Shishi – Yamazuki Yamazaki – Japan
YUASA Masaaki – Kick Heart – Japan
Beyond the Technology KAKIMOTO Kensaku – Minicar Music Player – Japan
KURATA Kogoro & YOSHIZAKI Wataru – Suidobashi Heavy Industry “KURATAS” – Japan
ONISHI Keita – Haisuinonasa “Dynamics Of The Subway” – Japan
OYAGI Tsubasa, BABA Kampei, TAKCOM, MUIRA Koschi, WATANABE Takayukim MAEDA Sadonori, HASHIMOTO Toshiyuki, TERAI Hironori & KAJIMA Takahiko – Tokyo City Symphony – Japan
Quayola – Strata #4 – Italy
Saigo No Shudan (ARISAKA Ayumu, OITA Mai & KOHATA Ren) – Yakenohara “Relaxin” – Japan
SATO Masahiko & EUPHRATES – Ballet Rotoscope – Japan
SUGANO Kaoru, YASUMOCHI Sotaro, ORAI Yu, Nadya KIRILLOVA, YONEZAWA Kyoko, SEKINE Kosai, SAWAI Taeji & MANABE Daito – Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989 – Japan/Russia TAMAKI Roy – Roy Tamaki “Wonderful” – Japan
TAMAKI Roy – Roy Tamaki “Wonderful” – Japan
Tom WRIGGLESWORTH/ Matt ROBINSON – Travis “Moving” – United Kingdom
TSUJIKAWA Koichiro – Salyu X Salyu “Hanashitaianatato” – Japan
Victor HAEGELIN – Professor Kliq “Wire & Flashing Lights” – France
World Order – World Order in Budokan – Japan
Z-Machines Project – Z-Machines – Japan

SICAF 2013 Awards
Alexis BEAUMONT, Remi Godin – Let´s Go – France
Amelie HARRAULT – Kiki Of Montparnasse – France
Christopher KEZELOS – Festival Trailer – Australia
Hisko HULSING – Junkyard – Netherlands/Belgium
JEONG DAHEE – The Hours Of Tree – Korea/France
Joni MÄNNISTÖ – Electric Soul – Korea/Finland
Tomasz POPAKUL – Ziegenort – Poland
Yousif AL-KHALIFA – Sleeping With The Fishes – United Kingdom

Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater Selects (SVR Issue 179)

Blizzard Entertainment – World of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria Cinematic Intro – United States
Dans Digital – Midea – China
Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg – Hermit – Germany
Gobelins, L’école de l’image – One Day – France
Grupa Smacznego – Lost Senses – Poland
Machine Molle – Fortune Elephant Dream – France
Mathieu Gérard – Perfect Shadow – France
Media Design School – Funeral Home Piñatas – New Zealand
Method Studios – Cloud Altas: The World’s Sonmi And Zachry – United States/United Kingdom
Method Studios – Halo 4: The Commissioning – United States/United Kingdom
Unit Image – Zombi U – France
Passion Pictures – Toyota Prius ‘Hum’ – United Kingdom
Platige Image – Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser – United States
Ryan Grobins – The Rose of Turaida – Australia
Supifocom Arles – Á La Franceise – France
Supinfocom Arles – Bet She’na – France
Taiyo Kikaky Co, Ltd. – Not Over – Japan
WeWereMonkeys – Of Monsters And Men: King And Lionheart – Canada

S2013 Computer Animation Festival Daytime Selects (SVR Issue 180)
Amrinder Singh Jassar – SideKick – United States
Animations Studios – Gran Via – United Kingdom
Anthimos Xenos – Econews Iden – Greece
ArtFx – Reverso – France
Blizzard Entertainment – StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Cinematic Intro – United States
Blur Studio, Inc – Elder Scrolls – United States
Blur Studio, Inc – Dark Souls II – United States
Blur Studio, Inc – PlanetSide 2: Death is No Excuse – United States
Cut & Cook – Infime – France
Dans Digital – Gemdale Lake City – Art – China
Dans Digital – Gemdale – Glory – China
Dans Digital – Gemdale Lake City – Rain – China
Dans Digital – Park 1903 – China
Digic Pictures – Assassin’s Creed III – Hungary
Digic Pictures – Castlevania – Lords of Shadow – Hungary
Digic Pictures – HALO 4 Prologue – Hungary
Francesco Siddi – Caminandes: Llama Drama – Netherlands
Gravity – Disintegration by Monarchy ft. Dita Von Teese – Switzerland
Gravity – Making Of Disintegration By Monarchy ft. Dita Von Teese – Switzerland
Gobelins l’école de l’image – Le Ballet – France
Gobelins l’école de l’image – In-Between – France
Gobelins l’école de l’image – Panade Sur Le Green (Trouble On The Green) – France
Gobelins, l´école de l’image – Rhapsodie Pour Um Pot-au-feu (Stewpot Rhapsodv) – France
IAM Entertainment – R’há – United States
Lisaa – House Pickles – France
MagicPictures Studios, Inc. – Subaru XV ‘The Battle’ With Symmetrical AWD – Japan/United States
Media Design School – Shelved – New Zealand
Method Studios – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Train Top Battle – United States/United Kingdom
Method Studios – Kia ‘Hotbots’ – United States/United Kingdom
Method Studios – Kia ‘Space Babies’ – United States/United Kingdom
Method Studios – Wrath of the Titans – Awakening of Kronos – United States/United Kingdom
MPC – 4/7 Idents – United Kingdom
MPC – Dell, Thomas – United Kingdom
MPC – Nike+, Game On – United Kingdom
MPC – Prometheus – United Kingdom
Nagoya City University – Hamayuri – Japan
Nagoya City University – Time Lapse Radiance – Japan
Neither-Fleld – Metropolis Pt. II – United States
Passion Pictures – Stadium UK – United Kingdom
Ran Sieradzki – Meet Me Far – Canada
Supinfocom Arles – AZUL – France
Supinfocom Arles – Contre Temps – France
Supinfocom Valenciennes – Oru Burus – France
Supinfocom Valenciennes – Trois Petits Chats – France
Tainan University of Technology – Huhu – China
Tainan National University of the Arts – Impermanence – China
Texas A&M University – Sleddin – United States
Transistor Studio – Express – United States
Valves – Team Fortress 2: MANN vs. MACHINE – United States


FILE Games 2014 presents the exhibitions “Game Comics” and “Interplay”, as well as brand new titles. “Game Comics” is a videogame category that dialogues with comic books in termos of aesthetics, narrative, and playability. In taking into account that games are a playful activity, “Interplay” brings another aspect of this universe with games for two or more players!

Asteroid Base – Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime – Canada
Cardboard Computer – Kentucky Route Zero – United States
Ed Key & David Kanaga – Proteus – United States
Etter Studio – Drei – Switzerland
Game Oven – Bam Fu – Netherlands
Game Oven – Bounden – Netherlands
Game Oven – Fingle – Netherlands
Jason Roberts – Gorogoa – United States
JoyMasher – Odallus: The Dark Call – Brazil
JoyMasher – Oniken – Brazil
Kurosh ValaNejad & Peter Brinson – The Cat And The Coup – United States
Loud Noises! – Headblaster – Brazil
Loveshack – Framed – Australia
Might and Delight – Shelter – Sweden
Minority Media Inc. – Papo & Yo – Canada
Nyamyam – Tengami – United Kingdom
Osome Studios – White Night – France
Playdead – Limbo iOS – Denmark
Queasy Games & I Am Robot and Proud – Sound Shapes – Canada
Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket Games – Dyad – Canada
Tale of Tales: Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn – Luxuria Superbia – Belgium
Them Games – InSynch – France
Through Games – FRU – Netherlands
ustwogames – Monument Valley – United Kingdom


Alessandro Perini – Untitled 1.1 – Sweden
Alison Clifford & Graeme Truslove – Turbulence – Scotland
Ann Oren – TMWQ – United States
Anna & Michal Bara?scy – Side By Side – Poland
Anna T. – Lipstick – Austria
Art is Open Source: Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico – OneMillionDreams – Italy
AUJIK – Impermanence Trajectory: Stained Seed – Japan
Benjamin Grosser – Computers Watching Movies – United States
Blanca Giménez – Lugares Fronterizos – Spain
Borja Rodríguez Alonso – Why – Spain
Carlotta Piccinini (Vídeo/Video), Luigi Mastandrea (Música/Music) & Elisa Trento (Curadora/Curator) – Enaction – Italy
Céline Trouillet – Song N°18 – France
Christo Guelov – Caution! Wet Paint | DLC 2013 – Spain
Christo Guelov – Work03 | DLC 2012 – Spain
Danushka Marasignhe – At A Distance – Sri Lanka
Diana Salcedo (Coreografia/Choreography: Martha Hincapié Charry) – Transparente – Colombia
Diego Ramirez – Radish – Australia
DING, Chien-Chung – Vacant Room 3 – Taiwan Dustin Morrow – Ground London – United States
Era Vati – Knots – Netherlands
Eric Schockmel – Macrostructure – United Kingdom
Fabian Heitzhausen – Let’s Play Modernism – Germany
Fabio Scacchioli & Vincenzo Core – No More Lonely Nights – Italy
Fenia Kotsopoulou & Daz Disley – IN-ner Space Revisited – United Kingdom
Francesca Fini – White Sugar – Italy
Franco Lorenzana – Em El Castillo – Spain
François Quévillon – Points De Repère – Canada
Gabriel S Moses – Adolescent’s End – Germany
Gonzalo Cueto – Kit Básico – Chile
Goran Strugar – .PEThenge. – Serbia
Goran Strugar – .undo.d. – Serbia
Hye Young Kim – If I Can Be Beautiful – United States
Jean-Michel Rolland – La Course (The Race) – France
Jean-Michel Rolland – Son Et Lumiere – France
Jing Zhou – Inner Shrine – United States
Johanna Vaude – System Overload – France
Jung Hee SEO – Sing Under – South Korea
Justin Lincoln – Drips, Zips and Beams – United States
Justin Lincoln – Statement – United States
Kai Welf Hoyme – Nocturn – Germany
Laleh Mehran – Dominant Policy – United States
Laurel Beckman – Your Special Island (Blue) – United States
Leonardo Villa-Forte – Molly’s Monologue – Brazil
Manuel Chantre – Blur Rouge – Canada
Marcell Andristyák (Vídeo/Video), Zoltá Végh (Música/Music) & Sz?cs Dóra Ida (Dança/Dance) – Skizm – Hungary
Michael Aschauer – River Studies – Cinemascope – Austria
Mike Pelletier – Parametric Expression – Netherlands
Muriel Montini – (Dream) of a Distant Land – France
Muriel Montini – Sea, Swimmers and Splashes of Color (1, 2, 3) – France
Nina Ross – The Foreignness Of Language – Australia
Nina Ross – The Language Between Us – Australia
Nina Ross – Untitled #1 (Fish) – Australia
Ophélie Dorgans – Boutès O The Origin of Music – Argentina
Paul Catanese – Visible From Space – United States
Po-Yen Wang – The Voyage (In the End: The Beginning) – Taiwan
Pussykrew: Ewelina Aleksandrowicz & Andrzej Wojtas – From Before Now – Germany
Pussykrew: Ewelina Aleksandrowicz & Andrzej Wojtas – B I W I R – Germany
Pussykrew: Ewelina Aleksandrowicz & Andrzej Wojtas – Giddy – Perera Elsewhere ft Gonjasufi – Germany
Raven Kwok – 1194D – United States Robin
Dupuis – Lixiviat – Canada
Rolando Vargas – Walking Kids Of Choco – United States
Ronny Trocker – Gli Immacolati – Belgium
rubens&Joanna; – Sinking – Taiwan
Ryo Ikeshiro – Construction In Kneading – United Kingdom
Sandra Crisp – Tales From The City – United Kingdom
s-ara – Runtime Error – Portugal
Scott Pagano – Dark Corridor – Detail No. 02, Disturbance & Inflorescence No. 01 – United States
Shaghayegh Fakharzadeh – One Is Not Born A Woman – Iran
Shaun Wilson – Uber Memoria XIX: Part 1 – Australia
Stuart Pound – Grandmother Is A Crab – United Kingdom
Susanna Flock – Room Tour – Austria
Susanne Wiegner – Inside My Room – Germany
Susanne Wiegner – Kafka’s Room – Germany
Susanne Wiegner – One Moment Passes – Germany
Tina Willgren – Weather Alert – Sweden
Tobias Rosenberger – The Secret Race – Germany/China
Ulf Lundin – 5-9 – Sweden
Vanessa Ilana Louzon – Ecstatic Symphony – Israel Verena Friedrich – Cellular Performance – Germany
Viviane Vallades – Pintura em atos | Painting In Acts – Brazil
Votja Zak – Psycho – Czech Republic
Wilson Borja – The Map From Grandma’s House – United States

FILE Workshop
(Mezzanine Space) – Not recommended for people under 16
Schedule: August 26 through 29, 2014, 10:30am to 9pm
Free applications for workshops on the website

FILE Workshop happens this year from August 26 to 29 at the Mezzanine of Fiesp Cultural Center – Ruth Cardoso.
All the activities are free. It is necessary to fill out the entry form to participate.


10h30 am to 1h30 pm
Creative Programming in Processing
Gabriel Camelo
2h00 pm to 5h00 pm
Light Painting Animation
Fábio Yamaji

2h00 pm to 6h00 pm
Game and App Soundtrack Composition
Marcos Vieira Lobo

6h00 pm to 9h00 pm
Art Direction for Animation
Bernardo França


10h30 am to 1h30 pm
Creative Programming in Processing
Gabriel Camelo

2h00 pm to 5h00 pm
Light Painting Animation
Fábio Yamaji

2h00 pm to 6h00 pm
Game and App Soundtrack Composition
Marcos Vieira Lobo

6h00 pm to 9h00 pm
Art Direction for Animation
Bernardo França


10h30 am to 1h30 pm
Creative Programming in Processing
Gabriel Camelo

2h00 pm to 5h00 pm
Light Painting Animation
Fábio Yamaji

2h00 pm to 6h00 pm
Three-dimensional Modeling for 3D Printing
Eduardo Lopes

6h00 pm to 9h00 pm
Game Prototyping in Processing
Andrei Thomaz

6h00 pm to 9h00 pm
Remeasuring the Size of the Earth
Takayoshi Tsuchiya & Soichiro Mihara


10h30 am to 1h30 pm
Character Design for Animation
André Aguiar

2h00 pm to 5h00pm
Character Design for Animation
André Aguiar

2h00 pm to 5h00pm
Three-dimensional Modeling for 3D Printing
Eduardo Lopes

6h00 pm to 9h00 pm
Game Prototyping in Processing
Andrei Thomaz

FILE Metro – Performances Post-Selfie
(pavements outside Consolação, Trianon-Masp and Brigadeiro subway stations)
Schedule: August 26 through 31, 2014
(12am to 9pm)

The interactive performances in the subway of São Paulo inviting the public to broaden their perceptions through wearable devices that stimulate offline communication through touch and visual contact.

FILE SP 2014 honors the pioneer Otávio Donasci with his work Videocriatura (Videocreature)

This year FILE – Electronic Language International Festival receives performances by young artists who dialogue with the videocreatures of Brazilian artist Otávio Donasci by using electronic helmets and masks, through what is called post-selfie. In order to create an opportunity of encounter between history and these new artists, Donasci will present his first videocreature produced in the 1980’s exclusively at the opening ceremony.

Eric Siu – Touchy – Hong Kong
“Touchy” is a wearable device that transforms the human being into a functioning camera. The individual who is wearing the device is constantly “blinded” unless someone touches his/her skin. When physical contact is maintained for 10 seconds, the camera takes a photo which is displayed on the device’s LCD. The work is devised to encourage offline communication through touch and visual contact.

Katsuki Nogami – YamadaTaroProject – Japan
“YamadaTaroProject” is a performance in which the artist exchanges his own face with people’s faces on the streets using an iPad. The idea is to express the temporality and the anonymity of the internet, in which people on the SNS choose a face for themselves.

The Constitute: Sebastian Piatza & Christian Zoellner – Eyesect – Germany
“Eyesect” is a wearable interactive constellation that reflects a disembodied experiment in immersive ways. Two handheld cameras capture the surroundings and stream the image data straight to the single eyes. The spatial perceptions are constructed inside the human sensory system. Arms and fingers become eye-muscles and create impossible human-biological perspectives.

FILE – Electronic Language International Festival and SESI publishing house launch on August 25, 2014 the “highlike book”. This is a yearbook on global contemporary ART and CULTURE. Its first edition has 584 pages with 577 artists from 35 countries. The “highlike book” encompasses several aspects of contemporary culture, providing the user a new form of appreciation of an art book. This is a book connected to the cloud. All information, images, videos and texts, is connected to their on-line counterparts in several languages, in a hybrid book which maintains its physical aspects and the virtual simultaneity of multimedia information. Its main purpose is to provide users with a new way of access culture in a global diversified view on the contemporary creativity in its transversal and heuristic aspect, by means of technologies currently available.

Request for group visits: Monday-Friday, 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm, tel. 3146-7396. Contact: Leni Arietti