Índice: Jonattas Poltronieri, Luis Mello, Pedro Venetucci & Rofli Sanches – Phantom Limb

The so-called phantom limb is a phenomenon that afflicts people who have suffered amputation of limbs or organs. After the removal of a member, the person in question has the misleading sensation that it’s still there. Among the most common symptoms in these cases are pain and the impression that the imaginary limb is distorted in size, shape and behavior. While its causes are controversial in the medical community, one of the most used treatments is to use a simple box with a mirror. In it, the existent limb is mirrored where the member that was amputated would be. While moving the healthy limb, the patient has a visual stimulus from the reflection in the mirror and can then gradually learn to master the pain or better cope with the false stimuli it receives.
Índice exposes an installation which, through visual and sound experiences, provides an interaction similar to this treatment.
Just like the original box, the installation is a rectangular unit where the user inserts his arm and is urged to move it in different ways. The similarity with the original object disappears as, instead of having a mirror to provide the image that motivates the interaction, there is a screen that mediates the user’s view and the place where his arm actually is. The displayed image of the user’s arm can be reversed, distorted and coloured, among several modifications to simulate in a rich way the strangeness of not having control over a member, and to question whether what is seen is an accurate portrayal of the real body. Although deep and subjective, the topic addressed in this experience is easy and accessible in its interaction, offering various sensory feedbacks to the user. Through it, it is proposed that we experience and reflect upon the disconnection between thought and body, intention and action, sensation and reality.

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