anno lab: Sadam Fujioka, Takeshi Usami, Nariaki Iwatani & Masahiro Ihara – A Tail of Spacetime

A Minkowski Light Cone represents the expansion of time and space. This cone which is formulated on the equation x² + y² + z² – (ct)² = 0 shows how you exist in your current position observing a horizon of possibility while the future spreads out constantly before you at the speed of light. Also it shows how you follow the trajectory from your past to your current, and to your future. You are always standing on this trajectory, which grows down from the future as if it is a tail of space-time.
This installation prompts you to consider how your current location was arrived at and is left behind in time and space. You can interact with your past self by touching a monument in the center of the room, which represents a tail of space-time. Your interaction with your past self would lead your imagination into your future self. If you want to shake hands with your past self, you have to imagine that your future self wants to shake hands with you.

anno lab is a creative group founded in 2012 by four individuals: an arts researcher, an animation artist, a computer game developer and a former advertising agency professional. Amongst the most successful projects it has been involved with are NTT docomo TOUCH WOOD: Xylophone, intel UltraBook Clap For Dream, and the somehow controversial Internet Yami-Ichi as a member of IDPW. Most of their works aim at inspiring curiosity and fun in people in their daily life. By creating intervention in people’s life they hope to trigger unexpected and unconscious reactions, which allow them to access more complex and rich realities that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to through curiosity.