One Life Remains: André Berlemont, Kevin Lesur, Brice Roy & Frank Weber

Slam of the Arcade Age

“Slam of the Arcade Age” is a 4 player competitive racing game: every time your avatar changes color, you have to switch for the gamepad of the same color if you want to keep running forward.
As a festive and unique form of stress-reliever, this game is a typical punk experience, with destructible buttons painted in 12 different colors, psychedelic graphics and a 1000 BPM music.

Considering video game as a major medium, the Paris based collective One Life Remains has been working towards exploring its properties since 2010. This approach, influenced by radical design as well as hardcore gaming and philosophy, results in a series of objects that pushes the boundaries of the medium. These creations can take several forms (ephemeral art, monumental installation, concept game) and provide different types of game experience (party play, intellectual play, sensorial play). The collective’s main axes of research are the relation between player and spectators, the question of digital mediums obsolescence, the link between games and gesture or between games and performing, along with the theme of control. One Life Remains currently comprises four members: André Berlemont, Kevin Lesur, Brice Roy and Frank Weber. Their work is presented in France and abroad.