Adam Basanta

A Truly Magical Moment

Electronic Language International Festival

“A Truly Magical Moment” creates a virtual re-enactment of the classic cinematic scene in which two dancers hold hands and spin in the middle of the dance floor while staring deeply in to each other’s eyes.
When guests FaceTime video chat the interactive kinetic sculpture – constructed from iPhones, selfie sticks, and FaceTime accounts – the sculpture begins to spin, reaching dizzying speeds while romantic music plays in the background. At top speed, the background blurs and warps, but the image of your dance-partner remains in focus.
Borrowing from cinema, GIF’s, and Chat Roulette, the work playfully addresses ironic tensions between the shortcoming of virtual connectivity and the global economic connectivity which enables it.

Adam Basanta (b. 1985) is a sound artist, composer, and performer of experimental music. Born in Tel-Aviv (ISR) and raised in Vancouver (CAN), he currently lives and works in Montreal (CAN). Across disciplines and media, he interrogates intersections between conceptual and sensorial dimensions of listening, the materiality of technological apparatus, and the intertwining of human behavior and mass produced consumer devices. His work is exhibited internationally in galleries, festivals, and institutions.