Dorette Sturm

The breathing cloud

Electronic Language International Festival

Breathing is life. Light is life.
“The Breathing Cloud” is a monumental floating organism. The work transforms a space by its motion, light, and rhythmic breathing. With this light art the phrase “let a room come to life” gets a new meaning. The clouds skin looks fragile and soft, and the movements are rhythmic, yet random, so the whole room feels like a living being. The technology is designed so that the strong LED modules and the mechanism support the pervasive breathing. It gets physically bigger and smaller and embraces with its bright light space.

“As an artist, I am fascinated by the phenomenon of light. Light can transform the sense of time and space: light shapes space, attracts and holds the attention. Light is life-giving and fundamental to nature of which we are all part”.

Dorette Sturm’s work is situated on the cross-section between the visual arts, architecture and technology. In combination with sound and movement, light brings her monumental sculptures to life, filling the environment with meaning. Sturm received international recognition with her monumental artworks. They have been exhibited at light- and art festivals in, among others, STRP Biennale (NL), Amsterdam Light Festival (NL), and International Design Week (CN). An essay on her artwork “Seeds of Change” was published in Bright2 of Frame Publishers, a publication on innovative light art from over the world.