Gwendaline Bachini

Animo#2 FLUX

Electronic Language International Festival

“Animo#2 – FLUX” is the second interactive installation of the ANIMO cycle. It is set up as a holographic light cage. It relies on the neo Darwinian theory of Richard Dawkins, who raised the issue of the body as a “survival machine” that is elaborated and blindly programmed in order to preserve identically “selfish gene” from generation to generation. Visitors are invited to manipulate flashlight and by doing so, they discover a holographic life size body which reacts to the light as guided by the observation of animal’s specie. Sometimes the reaction seems to belong to human’s reaction… but what makes typical human being behavior?

Gwendaline Bachini, new media artist, includes the visitor/audience’s gestures in her choreography and creates interactive dance art works. She deals with topics like human identity/evolution theory. Her first steps in the field of New Media Art were made in Berlin, where she performs TACTIM (2008) with Humatic GmbH. After a residency in China for his project “BEIJING FIELD TO DANCE”, she teams up with French researchers on vision and perception in order to realize her cycle of artworks called ANIMO. This cycle mixes dance, digital art and computer research. The topic focus on “mistake” in the mechanisms of living process and the technology is developed in the frame of the R&D project Creamove.