One Life Remains: André Berlemont, Kevin Lesur, Brice Roy & Franck Weber

Les disciplines du rectangle

Electronic Language International Festival

“Les disciplines du rectangle” is an interactive art installation made of 7 steles set up in a 200 m² space. Each stele is made of one webcam, one screen and one speaker. When a player stands in front of a stele, his body is detected and a virtual rectangle is drawn around him. The rectangle starts to move and to change of shape. The goal is to stay inside the rectangle without touching its borders. The game stops when there is a contact between the rectangle and the player’s body.

For the audience, nothing is visible except the player’s performance. It is the player’s body who creates the show based on the contrast between what is displayed on the screen and the emptiness of the “real” space. Each stele provides a specific choreography, based on the behavior of its rectangle.

Considering video game as a major medium, the Paris based collective One Life Remains works towards exploring its properties since 2010. This approach influenced by radical design as well as hardcore gaming and philosophy results in a series of objects that pushes the boundaries of medium. These creations can take several forms (ephemeral art, monumental installation, concept game) and provide different types of game experience (party, intellectual or sensorial play). The collective’s main axes of research are the relation between players and spectators, the question of the digital medium’s obsolescence, the link between games and gesture or between games and performing, along with the theme of control.

One Life Remains currently comprises four members: André Berlemont, Kevin Lesur, Brice Roy and Franck Weber.