FILE SÃO PAULO 2018 – The body is the message


In 2018 Brazilian animation is receiving special attention internationally. The Annecy
International Animation Film Festival in France, the most important animated film festival in the world, honors Brazilian animation and its 100 years of history this year.
This reflects not only the growth of the Brazilian audiovisual sector in general and animation in particular in both numbers and quality, but also that incentives from various public and private bodies are succeeding in generating more jobs and opportunities.
According to the Ministry of Culture, Brazil released seven animated feature films in 2017. Until then, the most productive year over the last 22 years was 2014, when four animated features were released. In 2018, a grand total of 25 animated feature films are in production in Brazil. Over the last ten years, the number of animated TV series produced in Brazil has risen from two to 44, while an uncountable number of emerging artists are making short animated films.
Since 2011, FILE Anima+ has been responsible for bringing to public attention some of the best of these animated short films, ranging from experimental work to the output of top international and Brazilian studios, as well as the work of students studying at top animation schools. Over its seven years, it has presented hitherto unseen works from all over the world. FILE Anima+’s partnership with other international animation festivals such as Japan Media Arts, Siggraph, and SICAF, among others, has expanded its repertoire of animated works, including c. 400 in every edition of the festival.
In addition to a wide range of foreign artists, this year FILE Anima+ is showing animations by Brazilian artists, in particular the works “Lesbos” and “Trapped in a Cosmic Distopy” by the Espirito Santo artist Bárbara Cani Reis. Another highlight is FILE Online, a web platform which gives the general public access all FILE Anima+ 2018 content.
Brazil now occupies a central place in animation, and all those involved in the most diverse stages of the production of a work deserve to be recognized. FILE Anima+ is proud to be part of this new and exciting cycle and the work we show this year is only the beginning of an avalanche of innovative works which are yet to emerge, and which will certainly be shown by us in the coming years.

Raquel Olivia Fukuda
Curator, FILE Anima+



Electronic language is to be found in our daily lives in the new forms – rapid and incorporal – in which we communicate and propagate content. The creation and appreciation of art have also adapted to the new language, embracing the understanding that the aesthetic experience can happen outside a physical exhibition space.
It is in this context that FILE International Electronic Language Festival is embarking on a new proposal. FileOnline includes works that have the potential to be experienced in both the physical and virtual spaces. By including visual, sound and networked works, FILEOnline is addressed to the restless; those who remain connected with each other even when physically distant, those who seek out an aesthetic experience in the streets, in their homes, or through the screens of their cell phones.
If the body is the message, that message can be propagated beyond the physical space, because we also form part of an immaterial body, a body formed of creatures whose being is in cyberspace, inhabiting multiple places simultaneously.

Flavia Fogliato
Content Coordinator




1. Adrien Cuvit, Alcindo Da Conceiçao, William Loew, Anne Charlotte Benasouli, Camille Burdy & Davy Crosta – Love story of two couples – France
2. Alex Moy – Wanderer – United States
3. Ana Mouyis – Dahlia – United States
4. Annapurna Kumar – Mountain Castle Mountain Flower Plastic – United States
5. Angela Stempel – Renata Zeiguer: Wayside – United States & Venezuela
6. Aram Sarkisian – Winston – United States
7. AUJIK – Spatial Bodies – Japan
8. Bárbara Cani – Lesbos – Brazil
9. Boris Seewald – Ralf Hildenbeutel : Disco – Germany
10. Boris Seewald – Ralf Hildenbeutel: Spark – Germany
11. Camila Kamimura & Jonas Brandão: Split Studio – Miss & Grubs – Brazil
12. CaRTe bLaNChe: Tanaami – The Laughing Spider – France
13. ClaRa ApaRicio – Zoom in – United Kingdom
14. Daniel Bruson – Me, by J-Money – Brazil & United States
15. Daniel Bruson – Paula Cavalciuk: Morte e vida uterina – Brazil
16. David James Armsby – No Monsters –Scotland
17. Eden Chan – What A Peaceful Day – Taiwan
18. Eisprung: Lukas Suter, Manuela Leuenberger & Veronica L. Montaño – Ivan’s need – Switzerland
19. Elli Vuorinen – Sock Skewer Street – Finland
& Yukun Wang – Safari – United Kingdom
21. Evelyn Jane Ross – Adam – United States
22. Faiyaz Jafri – Amoricania – United States
23. Fokke Mars, Max van der Ree & Bas Jansen – Lifeless – Netherlands
24. Hannes Arvid Andersson – iLoveHumans – Netherlands
25. Heidi Hörsturz – Laser Laser! – Netherlands
26. Hugo de Faucompret – Hezad: Drum & Grass – France
27. Job, Joris & Marieke – A Single Life – Netherlands
28. Kang Hyeun – LITA – South Korea
29. Laura Højberg Kunov – Stellar – Denmark
30. Marcell Andristyak – IN Corp. – Hungary
31. Marine Varguy – Umio – France
32. Michelle & Uri Kranot – How long, Not Long – Denmark
33. Michelle & Uri Kranot – Nothing Happens – Denmark & France
34. Michelle & Uri Kranot – The heart of Amos Klein – Denmark, France & Israel
35. Miyu Distribution – Hors Saison – France
36. Miyu Distribution – Mehua – France
37. Miyu Distribution – Outremer – France
38. Miyu Distribution – Parfum Fraise – France
39. Monticello Park Productions: Guilherme Araujo & Iuri Araujo – The Frost Spirit – Brazil
40. Murat Sayginer – Dust – Turkey
41. Mustashrik – Invisible Barriers – Girl Effect – England
42. Nata Metlukh – Fears -– United States
43. Nick Ladd – Escape – Canada
44. Nick Luchkiv – Divisor – Russia
45. Or Kantor – Little Thing – Israel
46. Paris Mavroidis – Divers –United States
47. Ray Gropius – Imagine Metaversal Drawings – Italy
48. Sabrina Cotugno – Kagemono – United States
49. Sandrine Deumier – Affordable Dreams – France
50. Sandrine Deumier – Pink Party – France
51. SaveMe Oh – Pain – Netherlands
52. Semáforo Studio: Dhyan Shanasa – Namu Amida Butsu – Brazil
53. Sijia Luo – I have known love – China
54. Silvia De Gennaro – Travel Notebooks: Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain – Italy
55. Sivan Kidron – MISO: Take Me – South Korea, United States & Israel
56. Steven Subotnick – Little Girl – United States
57. Steven Subotnick – Strange Fish – United States
58. Studio Smack – Branded Dreams, The Future Of Advertising – Netherlands
59. Sun Creature Studio: Mikkel Mainz Elkjær– Wilhelms Curse – Denmark
60. Susanne Wiegner – Soliloquy – Germany
61. TOM & HANI Animation: Hani Dombe & Tom Kouris – Lili – Israel
62. Universal Everything – Hype Cycle: Smart Matter – United Kingdom
63. Vetor Zero Studio: Guilherme Marcondes – Sunshine – Brazil & United States
64. Vincent Masson – The tide – France
65. Zachary Zezim – It’s a Date – United States