Håkan Lidbo, Max Björverud & David Åhrström

Light Pong

Electronic Language International Festival

“Light Pong” is a game where you shoot rays of light to each other. Different light paths generate different tones. The games levels up the better you play, with multiple light and sound combinations.
Find an opponent player. Step on the 6 yellow hexagons on each side. The rules are not definite so it’s up to the visitors to come up with new rules.

Håkan Lidbo is a multidisciplinary artist, combining art, music and new technologies to bring new ideas to life.

Max Björverud is in the process of exploring the field of sound and technology. Works include instruments, installations, experiments and art covering most fields within media.

David Åhrström works with interactive audiovisual art, video mapping, sensor control and VJ-ing (creation and manipulation of images in real time).

Together the three artists are a part of the co-work space and art collective Rumtiden in Stockholm, Sweden where they explore new artistic expressions by merging new technologies.