Universal Everything

Hype Cycle: Smart Matter

FILE 2018 | ANIMA +
Electronic Language International Festival

“Hype Cycle” ­is a series of futurist films exploring human machine collaboration through performance and emerging technologies. These human machine interactions from Universal Everything are inspired by the Hype Cycle trend graphs produced by Gartner Research, a valiant attempt to predict future expectations and disillusionments as new technologies come to market. The first film in this series is “Smart Matter”. It builds on the studio’s past experiments with motion studies, imagining a new form of collaborative interface for improvised modelling

Universal Everything is a global collective of digital artists, designers, animators, musicians and developers. They create video artworks for iconic architecture, invent immersive multi-sensory experiences and direct new forms of moving image for the screens of the future. Their work explores the future of human expression and collaboration, brought to life using emerging display technologies. Their work has played a central role in bold launch events for pioneering brands and in exhibitions at leading cultural institutions around the world.