Interactive Media Foundation & Filmtank, co-created with Artificial Rome

Das Totale Tanz Theater

FILE Sao Paulo 2019
Electronic Language International Festival


New theatrical spaces will appear. They will be places for new concepts in optics, mechanics and acoustics to emerge. As Oskar Schlemmer at the Bauhaus School postulated, people will not moan about mechanisation but have joy in its precision. From 1922, theatre became of fundamental importance to Schlemmer at the Bauhaus. He was concerned with all aspects of performance, from role play to the physical space. The school found its social heart in its experimental staging. Walter Gropius went on to develop a utopian structural model for a total theatre. A stage that completely surrounds the audience, making them an integral part of the performance. Today, virtual reality (VR) provides a comparable theatrical experience and is, perhaps, what characterises our age. However the questions surrounding technical development remain the same: what would it mean if the mechanisms started to become independent; to develop a life of their own? ‘Das Totale Tanz Theater’ is a response to that question that is both content-based and technical, bringing the Bauhaus’ historical experimentation from the physical stage to an interactive, real-time virtual environment.


The Interactive Media Foundation works with demanding topics in a way that they enthral both experts and laypeople alike and has already won many awards from the art and media worlds. The Foundation is responsible for the original idea, story development, concept and production.

Filmtank is specialised in documentary formats and initiated and produced the project Bauhaus Spirit for the centenary of the legendary art and design school.

Artificial Rome has won many awards for fusing aesthetics and technology into sensual experiences. The company’s artists are responsible for the stage and costume design, conceptual development and technical realisation.

Das Totale Tanz Theater is a project of Interactive Media Foundation and Filmtank, co-created with Artificial Rome, part of the project Bauhaus Spirit. Funded by Fonds Bauhaus heute of the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg.

Presentation at FILE with support of Goethe -Institut.

Credits ‘Das Totale Tanz Theater’
Idea & Story: Diana Schniedermeier, Maya Puig
Lead VR Creators: Maya Puig, Patrik de Jong, Dirk Hoffmann
Lead Technologists: Torsten Sperling, Sebastian Hein
Executive Producer: Diana Schniedermeier
Choreography: Richard Siegal
Composer: Lorenzo Bianchi-Hoesch
Dancers: Margarida Neto, Claudia Ortiz Arraiza, Corey Scott-Gilbert, DiegoTortelli
Voice: Blixa Bargeld
Creative Producer: Maya Puig
Costumes: Dirk Hoffmann, Nico Alexander Taniyama
Concept: Dirk Hoffmann, Patrik de Jong
Art Directors: Dirk Hoffmann, Nico Alexander Taniyama, Robert Werner
3D Artist Lead: Nico Alexander Taniyama
3D Artists: Christian Rambow, Dana Würzburg
Choreography Programming: Torsten Sperling
Technologists: Dennis Timmermann, Hui-Yuan Tienj
Sound Design: Victor Audouze
Installation Architecture: Unit Berlin
Motion Capture Facilitators: Mimic Productions
Project Management: Thorsten Schwarck, Jochen Watral, Kristin Sperling
Co-Producers: Saskia Kress, Michael Grotenhoff