ARCAAN Collective: Jeremy Oury & Antoine Briot


FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Circular Cinema
Electronic Language International Festival


‘Immersive’ plays with Op Art and minimalism to produce illusions and unlimited perspectives. With delays and echoes, the projections move in a rythmic progression of abstract patterns. The work challenges the viewer to set aside their customary point-of-view and question their perceptions of daily reality and relationship with the environment. The viewer experiences a new understanding of time and has the sensation of being fully immersed through the ascending movements and the use of stroboscopic images.


Founded by Antoine Briot and Jeremy Oury, Collectif ARCAAN combines their audio and visual skills to produce unique mapping or digital installations. They explore multimedia forms to create synaesthesic and minimalist partitions with unexpected narrations
in various ways (architectural mapping, LED screens, immersive installations, fulldome projections, etc.). They have won several art prizes in Europe, including the Jury Prize at FIMG 2015 and the Public Prize at ICIA 2018.