Witaya Junma

Into the Wind

FILE Sao Paulo 2019
Electronic Language International Festival



Inspired by the surroundings observation in everyday life, “Into the Wind” started as an experiment to reproduce a natural process in natural space, based on technological technique and human perception. The main focus of this project is the wind, a simple natural force flowing between us. We cannot see it yet we can experience its existence, feel its movements and watch its breath life into grass and pollen. This installation invites the viewer to replicate the wind by triggering special mechanisms with their breath. Mainly, ‘Into the Wind’ consists of an interpretation of the blowing bubbles process. Shapes and forms of bubbles are varied depending on how viewer blows, as they observe the whole process and mechanism, thanks to the work transparent structures. Into the Wind is designed to mimic nature, turning breath into wind by computer programming. The wind then activates and moves parts of the mechanisms. The results are different every time, making each interaction unique. The project also encourages audience to experience and question the processes. Are they observers or are they part of the mechanism?


Witaya Junma: As an artist, I am enthusiastic about applying fresh approaches to my art and also have explored various branches of science in creating my work. Technology and machinery have thus become a significant part of my art. To me, they are products of the observation or imitation of nature. In other words, they are replicas of living things, and their creator is us, humans. The main role of technology and the machine is to make our lives easier, however, if we offer them a place in the art world and give them different roles, from telling stories to amplifying expressions, I believe we can create new art forms. And if we use them wisely, technology and machines can help convey the artist’s objectives more effectively than conventional.