Anaisa Franco

Expanded Iris

FILE Sao Paulo 2023 | Installations
Electronic Language International Festival


Anaisa Franco – Expanded Iris – Brazil

Expanded Iris is an interactive installation that invites people to look through a Space Iriscope, which scans the user’s iris and projects a metamorphosis of their iris mixed with galaxies and nebulae. The project invites people to look into the microuniverse of their own iris and find similarities with the macrouniverse of galaxies while having a biometric eye scanning experience. The work is composed of a customized biometric software and a 3D printed parametric software that has a camera inside.


Anaisa Franco creates affective sculptural works for public spaces. Building on concepts of biophilia, cognitive science and psychology, her pieces often reflect the curved and smooth forms found in basic life forms at the molecular and macro levels. An important element of Anaisa’s work is establishing unique connections between those micro and macro worlds.