Gabriel Massan

Unbonded on a Bonded Domain

FILE Sao Paulo 2023 | Installations
Electronic Language International Festival


Gabriel Massan – Unbonded on a Bonded Domain –  Brazil

In Unbonded on a Bonded Domain, commissioned by FACT, London, Gabriel Massan seeks to align the emotional experience of his childhood in Rio de Janeiro, adolescence in São Paulo and maturity in Europe as raw material for his work, following the tips of writer and academic Saidiya Hartman in the concept of “Critical Fabulation”, to explore a virtual ecosystem disconnected both from its own identity and from the physical and conceptual limitations of the human body.



Visual and digital artist from Nilópolis (RJ) who lives in Berlin. Combines practices in storytelling and worldbuilding to develop worlds and digital sculptures that narrate situations of inequality in the Latin American experience. ETOPIA Resident, Guest Artist at Bangkok Biennale Virtual Venue, La Biennale di Venezia, Art Basel Miami and commissioned by X Museum’s X Virtual, China.