Florian Faller & Adrian Stutz


“Feist” is an acclaimed platform game developed by Florian Faller and Adrian Stutz, which offers a dynamic and emergent gameworld in the style of a living graphic novel painted in opaque inks. Completely physics driven and inhabited by capricious creatures, “Feist” puts a strong emphasis on exploration, an unpredictable course of action and narration that stems from the small actions and reactions created when playing the game. The player has to guide a fragile but mysterious fur creature through a forest with many unknown and often hostile creatures living in it’s darkest parts. “Feist” is more like narrative toy than a game.

Florian Faller & Adrian Stutz have started collaborating during their game design studies at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Before working on FEIST, Florian lived several years in Berlin and worked in different fields of creative media, and is one of the founders of Interdisco.net – an internet label for electronic music. Florian has also worked as game designer on major titles like “Simon the Sorcerer IV” as well as on serious game projects. Florian is currently working at the Zurich University of the Arts as lecturer and researcher. Adrian currently works as game designer at Nothing in Bern, developing casual games.