PROGRAM | November 03 to 29

The Van Goghs will go

Oi Futuro presents the exhibit “FILE ANIMA+GAMES RIO 2015: The Van Goghs will go”, from November 03 to 29 at the Oi Futuro Flamengo. The program comprises completely immersive experiences through virtual reality devices, games for several gaming platforms, such as computers and tablets, and animations from many countries, prize winning artists from the FILE ANIMA+ AWARD and similar festivals.

The great novelty in this exhibit is the leisurely and artistic content through equipment that provide full immersion virtual reality. Experiences that relate directly to our physical perceptions, such as looking around, and which are capable of bringing us to wonderful environments; of provoking impressive sensations. In Mac Cauley’s “The Night Cafe”, for example, the visitor can explore the world of Van Gogh’s paintings, enjoy his iconic sunflowers in three dimensions, or walk around the chair he painted in his room. In Christin Marczinzik & Thi Binh Minh Nguyen’s “Swing”, the dream of flying comes true with a swing and a pair of 3D glasses. Still among the installations, in Felix Herbst’s “How Does That Move” the visitor can control virtual animals through his/her gesticulation in the physical world.

In the computer games department, the highlight is Sarepta Studio’s “Shadow Puppeteer”, which tells the story of a boy and his shadow, who, once separated, must learn to work together, manipulating light and darkness. Loveshack Entertainment’s “FRAMED” is a noir enigma game for tablet, in which the visitor has to reorganize a comic book’s panels in order to change its outcome.

The animation exhibit presents short­film works from innovative and experimental artists who use different techniques and approach various topics. It also presents the “Cutting Edge Animation” exhibit, with works from Aboveground Animation, an animation, video, and musical performances itinerant showcase with artists from all over the world. For the first time, FILE offers an animation award, the FILE ANIMA+ AWARD. With over 100 subscribed works, all using different techniques, 6 animations were selected as finalists, consisting of 1st, 2nd and 3nd places, plus honourable mentions. The exhibit also brings awarded animations from the most important festivals worldwide, Japan Media Arts Festival, Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, SICAF, SIGGRAPH, and ANIMA -­ Córdoba International Animation Festival.

This is FILE GAMES RIO’s fifth edition. An event organized by FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, the largest art and technology festival in Latin America. The complete program is available on the website Entry is free for all activities.

Fernanda Albuquerque de Almeida
Content Coordination

FILE Anima+ 2015

Independent animations are as old as animation art itself. Through them, artists seek to experiment new techniques with low budgets. Advance in animation software technologies, which have lowered the costs and cut down production stages, have been helping independent animation, be it in small studios or even through DIY, to conquer more and more space. This conquest is directly related to how fast you can exchange information, and spread it on the internet.

Independence from big studios and the short film format allow artists to deal with more experimental narratives and innovative techniques. Discovering new artists, new works, and new languages has become an accessible pastime for anyone with an internet connection. However, finding non-virtual spaces to promote these works and the exchange between the artist and the public, as well as finding a place that unites works with diverse techniques and narratives, is still a challenge.

With that in mind, this year’s FILE Anima+ presents 99 short films from innovative and experimental artists who work with different techniques, and approach various subjects, from insomnia to reflections about gender. By doing this, we would like to create a space for discussing these works. Ont of the highlights is “Bang Bang!”.

French animation “Bang Bang!”, from director Julien Bisaro, tells the story of Eda, a young woman who retires, and finds herself in a world where she feels obliged to follow her father’s instructions. With a strong sense of light, camera, layout, and a minimum use of color, Bisaro has created a highly emotive movie which attracts the public and connects with the child that lives inside us all.

In its fifth edition, FILE Anima+ presents, apart from its short film curatorship – which seeks, from its origins, to open a window to animation artists and professionals, teaching institutions, and both small and big studios, encouraging the forming of new publics –, a new exhibit proposal, called “Cutting Edge Animation”, with animations that present, in their themes or techniques, innovations in language and narrative. Formed by an international group of emerging artists, these works reflect experimental concepts which mix different subjects and medias, and in which the term “animation” goes way beyond traditional techniques, evoking surprise, euphoria, horror, and beauty. Artists from this exhibit are part of the collective Aboveground Animation, an itinerant showcase of animations, videos and musical performances, and of artists form all over the world. FILE Anima+ 2015’s “Cutting Edge Animation” curatorship has 21 animations from 13 different artists. The works show diversity, exploring the possibilities of animation to their extreme. Each artist seeks, in their preferred topics, the potentiality of narratives inside their social and artistic contexts.

For the first time, FILE Anima+ offers an award. The FILE Anima+ Award is an animation prize that complements other activities form FILE Anima+, an animation festival that has been showcasing works from all over the world since 2011 with the purpose of spreading animation as an artistic genre.

Over a hundred works were submitted. The competing works were made with very different techniques: 3D, 2D, stop motion, pixilation, claymation, experimental, anime, light painting, among others. We picked 6 from the shortlisted works. The first three places won a symbolic prize: 1st place – Etter Studio: Michael Frei & Mario von Rickenbach, with “Plug & Play”, from Switzerland; 2nd place – Agrawal, with “Shri Hanuman Chalisa 3D”, from India; and 3rd place – Mauro Carraro, with “Aubade”, from Switzerland. Three works received honorable mentions: 1. Pedro Harres, with “Castillo y el Armado”, from Brazil; 2. Javier Longobardo, with “Believe the Lie”, from Spain, and 3. Katsuki Nogami, with “After Remnant”, from Japan.

Ever since its first edition, FILE Anima+ has had a partnership with several animation festivals, which every year present the best in their editions, by selecting awarded works. This year we’ll have Japan Media Arts Festival, Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, SICAF, SIGGRAPH, and ANIMA – Córdoba International Animation Festival.

Raquel Fukuda
FILE ANIMA+ Coordination



1. Etter Studio: Michael Frei & Mario von Rickenbach – Plug & Play – Switzerland
2. Agrawal – Shri Hanuman Chalisa 3D – India
3. Mauro Carraro – Aubade – Switzerland


Pedro Harres – Castillo y el Armado – Brazil
Javier Longobardo – Believe the Lie – Spain
?????? – After Remnant – Japan


Barry Doupé – Thalé – Canada
Emanuele Kabu – It’s Called “Moon” – Italy
Erin Dunn – Red Monkey – United States
Hugo Arcier – Fiction 1 – France
Hugo Arcier – L’affaiblissement Progressif des Ressources – France
Hugo Arcier – Surface… – France
Hugo Arcier & Le Cube – Nostalgia for Nature – France
Hugo Arcier & Mathilde Marc – Camgirl Odalisque – France
Kathleen Daniel – Lovin – United States
Katie Torn – Breathe Deep – United States
Katie Torn – Geo Crash – United States
Katie Torn – The Calm Before the Storm – United States
Lale Westvind – Flesh Gun – United States
Lauren Gregory – Triptych – United States
Martha Colburn – Film for the Author Diana Wagman – United States
Martha Colburn – Here Comes Another Lesson – United States
Martha Colburn – Wrong Time Capsule – United States
Mount Emult – Eyeseyeseyeseyes Eyes On You Baby! – United States
Ryan Hale – Cluster – United States
Shelley Dodson – Fissure Ritual – United States
SSION – Woman – United States


Adrián Regnier – I. – Mexico
Adrián Regnier – U. – Mexico
Alan Becker – Animator vs. Animation IV – United States
Bittler: Bittler Serge Bernard & Bittler Théo – The Other World – France
Carolina lolas – Parasitaje a Théngu – Chile
Danny Madden – All Your Favorite Shows! – United States
Danny Madden – Confusion Through Sand – United States
Darren Pearson – Lightspeed – United States
David Mussel – Estrela – Brazil
David Schaffer – Trees – France
Dmitry Zakharov – Inside Me – Germany
Douglas Alves Ferreira – O Menino que Sabia Voar – Brazil
EID/COBURN: Celia Eid & Robert Coburn – Interstitial Traces – France
Evan Mann – Pure Concentricity – United States
Fernanda Frick – When I’m Scared – Chile
Gabriel S Moses – ENHANC[=MENT | an augmented graphic novel ­ a quick presentation – Germany
Glasz DeCuir – Disappear (Crossing Simulator) – Spain
Greg Barth – Hello Play – England
Henning M. Lederer – The Whale – Germany
Hugo Cierzniak – Dip N Dance – France
Hugues Clément – G L E A M – Canada
Impromptu: Lucas Pelegrineti Grynszpan, Lucas Ribeiro Rodrigues & Vinícius Franco – Tanto Faz – Brazil
Jason Nelson – City Forest and the Sandy End – Australia
Jason Nelson – The Fences Divide Five – Australia
Javier Longobardo – When Girls Collide – Spain
Joanna Bonder – Digits – Poland
Joanna Bonder – Rope2 – Poland
Joey Cheers, Teon Simmons & Fishy Thom – The Orca Awareness Project – United States
Johan Rijpma – Descent – Netherlands
Johan Rijpma – Division – Netherlands
Julien Bisaro – Bang Bang! – France
Karin Tueta – The Winepress – France
Kelli Anderson & Selena Simmons­Duffin – NPR­Talking While Female – United States
Leo Uehara – Un día – Argentina
Liliana Farber – Where X and Y – Israel
Lorenzo Oggiano – Quasi­Objects / Cinematic Environment #8 – Italy
Marcelo Castro – DALIVINCASSO – Brazil
Marcio Shimabukuro (Shima) – Baleia – Brazil
Martin Smatana – Rosso Papavero – Slovakia
Mauricio Bartok – Luz, Sombra e Medo – Brazil
Max Hattler – Shift – Hong Kong
Max Hattler – Unclear Proof – Hong Kong
Max Hattler – X – Hong Kong
Mike Pelletier – Time of Flight – Netherlands
Nicolás Rupcich – Untitled – Germany
Oleg Elagin – The Unknown Technician – Russia
Paulo Passaro – Coco de Elevador – Brazil
Péter Vácz – Rabbit and Deer – Germany
PetPunk – A Story About A Badger – Lithuania
PetPunk – Woos – Lithuania
Província Studio: Guilherme Araújo & Iuri Araújo – Aniz, a bruxinha aprendiz – Brazil
Província Studio: Iuri Araújo & Guilherme Araújo – Batalha das Máscaras – Brazil
Pu Shuai Cheng – Consciousness Spin Project – Taiwan
Robert Hloz – Numbers – Czech Republic
Rodrigo EBA! – Graffiti Dança – Brazil
Sandrine Deumier & Alx P.op – MagicalGarden – France
Siyu Mao – Graphic Destroys the Universe – Germany
Susanne Wiegner – [meine heimat] – Germany
Susanne Wiegner – at the museum – Germany
Susanne Wiegner – Home! Sweet home! – Germany
Susanne Wiegner – Kaspar Hauser Song – Germany
Susanne Wiegner – the light ­ the shade – Germany
Thiago R – Linhas de Contenção – Brazil
Tiny Inventions: Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter – Between Times – United States
Tutsy Navarathna – MetaPhore – India
Ulf Kristiansen – Jealous Guy – Norway
Wayner Tristão – A chuva de cada um – Brazil
Wilson Borja – Babochka – Colombia
Wilson Borja – Chere – Colombia
Wrik Mead – Draw the Line – Canada


Anima -­ Festival Internacional de Animação de Córdoba

Becho Lo Bianco & Mariano Bergara – Inercia – Argentina
Bjor­Erik Aschim & Sam Taylor – Everything I Can See From Here – United Kingdom
Philipp Artus – Snail Trail – Germany
Raf Wathion – DAY_6011 – Belgium
Santiago ‘Bou’ Grasso – Padre – Argentina
Spela Cadez – Boles – Slovenia/Germany
Thomas Stellmach & Maja Oschmann – Virtuos Virtuell – Germany

Be There! Corfu Animation Festival 2014

Adam Schachner – The Old People Museum – Canada
Beatriz Herrera Carrillo – Moskina – Mexico
Csaba Gellár – Blackwood ­ How to Write a Blackwood Article – Hungary
Dao Thi Thuy Linh – Dinosaurs – Czech Republic
Effie Pappa – My Stuffed Granny – | United Kingdom/Greece
Hannes Rall – Si Lunchai – Germany/Singapore
Kim Noce – The Waterbearer – United Kingdom
Nassos Vakalis – Dinner for Few – United States
Rebecca Archer – Canuck Black – United Kingdom
Salvatore Centoducati, Eleonora Bertolucci, Ruben Pirito & Giulio De Toma – Office Kingdom – Italy
Shaun Clark & Kim Noce – The Key – United Kingdom

Japan Media Arts Festival

Fuyu ARAI – 1347smiles – Japan
Hiroyasu ISHIDA – Rain town – Japan
Kohei YOSHINO (networks) – ab_rah – Japan
Kunio KATO – The House of Small Cubes – Japan
Masahiko SATO + EUPHRATES – Issey Miyake A­poc Inside – Japan
Masanori OKAMOTO – I am alone, walking on the straight road – Japan
Masashi YOKOTA – Kiokuzenkei – Japan
Morihiro HARANO, Jun NISHIDA, SeiichiHISHIKAWA, Kenjiro MATSUO, Mitsuo TSUDA & Toshifumi OISO – Xylophone – Japan
Takashi NAKAMURA – Shashinkan (The Photo Studio) – Japan


Alan HOLLY – Coda – Ireland
Anete MELECE – The Kiosk – Switzerland
Augusto ZANOVELLO – Women’s letters – France
Dong­Cheol YOUM – I’m So Sorry Mom – South Korea
Kari PIESKÄ – No Time for Toes – Finland
Yan­Tong ZHU – My Milk Cup Cow – Japan
Yu­Mi JOUNG – Love Games – South Korea


Alessandro Pacciani – Dark Souls II
And Maps And Plans – Coda
Animation and Digital Art School of Communication University Of China – A Warrior’s Dream
Aug&ohr medien – MeTube: August sings Carmen Habanera
Autour de Minuit – Ascension
Autour de Minuit – Escarface
Autour de Minuit – Greenfields
Autour de Minuit – Home Sweet Home
Autour de Minuit – My Little Croco
Autour de Minuit – Sun of a Beach
Autour de Minuit – Treo Fiskur
China Central Academy of Fine Arts – Journey Of My Memory
Delapost Paris – Space Cat Hob
Digic Pictures – Assassin’s Creed Unity E3 Cinematic Trailer
Digipen Institute of Technology – Level 1457 Last
Emily Carr University of Art and Design – Happy & Gay
ESMA – 100m
ESMA – Beyond the lines
ESMA – Entracte
ESMA – Forward, March!
ESMA – La vie en vert
ESMA – L’Incroyable Marrec
ESMA – Monkey Symphony
Ilion Animation Studios – Mortadelo y Filemon contra Jimmy el Cachondo
Jelly Studio – Story Muh
Je Regarde – Land
Je Regarde – Juste de l’eau
Light Chaser Animation Studios – Little Yeyos
Media Design School – Over The Moon
Media Design School – Shelved
Method Studios – DirecTV ‘Troll’
Method Studios – Divergent ­ Behind the ‘Mirror Room’
Method Studios – General Electric ‘Childlike Imagination’
Method Studios – Infiniti ‘Factory of Life’
Method Studios – Iron Man 3 ­ The ‘Extremis Effect’
Method Studios – White House Down ­ Destruction of the Capitol
Middlebury College – 11 Paper Place
ModernEye – Light Motif
Niv Shpigel – Load
Passion Pictures – Bank of America ‘Gladly Tuesday’
Passion Pictures – Nike ‘The Last Game’
Ringling College of Art and Design – The Legend of the Flying Tomato
Ringling College of Art and Design – The Prize Inside
Sarah Kambara – Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou
School of Visual Arts – Cupidiculous
School of Visual Arts – Monster
Sève Films – Atome Luce
Sève Films – Amasia
Sève Films – Floating in my mind
Sève Films – Fol’Amor
Sève Films – Initium
Sève Films – Meet Meat
Sève Films – Myosis
Sève Films – Un Conte
Taiwan University of Arts – Red Spot
The Monk Studio Co. Ltd. – Nine


It was nearly impossible to imagine that digital games would reach so many platforms and so many people, becoming one of the most influential languages of modern life, and one of the biggest entertainment industries on the planet.

As soon as in 1940, the first electronic game was displayed on a machine called Nimatron and, today, in 2015, after seven decades, eight console generations and numberless platforms, we at FILE GAMES RIO 2015, ANIMA+GAMES present games in which the narrative, the design and the art, combined with playability, evince the wealth of this language.

The great novelty in this exhibit is the leisurely and artistic content through equipment that provide full immersion virtual reality. Experiences that relate directly to our physical perceptions, such as looking around, and which are capable of bringing us to wonderful environments; of provoking impressive sensations.

In virtual reality, with 3D devices, action is not necessarily facing you, as we are used to seeing and creating, forever facing a screen. This technology is changing the interactivity of games and promises to change the way we perceive cinema as well.

In this edition of FILE GAMES RIO 2015, we present a few immersive experiences through different equipments. It is your turn to try them!

Maria Eugênia Mourão
FILE GAMES Coordination



Mac Cauley – The Night Cafe – United States
Christin Marczinzik & Thi Binh Minh Nguyen – Swing – Germany
Felix Herbst – How Does That Move – Germany


Alien Trap – Apotheon – Canada
Arachnid Games – Ballpoint Universe: Infinite – United States
Behold Studio – Chroma Squad – Brazil
Brace Yourself Games – Crypt of the NecroDancer – Canada
bracket]games – Three Fourths Home – United States
Broken Rules – Secrets of Rætikon – Austria
Compulsion Games – Contrast – Canada
Croteam – The Talos Principle – Croatia
grapefrukt games – rymdkapsel – Sweden
inkle – 80 Days – United Kingdom
inkle – Sorcery! – United Kingdom
Loveshack Entertainment – FRAMED iOS – Australia
Mi Clos Studio – Out There – France
Michael Frei & Mario von Rickenbach / Etter Studio – PLUG & PLAY – Switzerland
Might and Delight – Shelter 2 – Sweden
Minority Media – Spirits of Spring – Canada
Modern Dream – LA Cops – United Kingdom
Monogon Games – Interloper – Netherlands
Over the Moon – The Fall – Canada
Pocket Trap – Ninjin – Brazil
Polyculture – Prune – United States
Santa Ragione – FOTONICA – Italy
Sarepta Studio – Shadow Puppeteer – Norway
Spaces of Play – Future Unfolding – Germany
SuperChop Games – Ephemerid – United States
SuperGiant Games – Transistor – United States
Tale of Tales – Sunset – Belgium
Upper One Games / E-Line Media – Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) – United States
XXIIVV – Oquonie – Canada


Ana Ribeiro – Pixel Rift – Brazil
Backlight Studio – Birdy King Land – France
Dejobaan Games – Aaaa for the Awesome – United States
Kite Lightning – Senza Peso – Italy
Mat Walker – Body of the Night – United States
Slacker Games – Private Eye – England
Tomáš Marian?ík – SightLine the Chair – Czech Republic
Vertigo Games – World of Diving – Netherlands


Anne de Boer – Ikarus – England
Erdal Inci – SchelsischesTor piece – Turkey
Paul Robertson – Expedition – Australia


FILE ANIMA+GAMES RIO 2015: The Van Goghs will go (Exhibit)
November 03 to 29, 2015

Oi Futuro Flamengo
Dois de Dezembro Street, 63
Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Tel.: +55 (21) 3131 3060

Free entry for all ages