How Does That Move? – Felix Herbst

“How Does That Move?” is an experience unlike anything else. You are an animal – actually, one of a number of animals – and you need to learn how to move all again.
Each animal’s individual characteristics are transformed to a unique motion control scheme which is easy to learn but still challenging to master.
This game’s heros are Snake, Hummingbird, Whale, Spider, Dinosaur, Bird and Snail. Can you master them all?
“How Does That Move?” shows that motion control in games does not need to be limited to replacements for traditional keyboard control schemes. Quite the opposite – a whole new world of gameplay mechanics and experiences opens up.

Felix Herbst is a designer and developer of interactive experiences. UX and prototyping are his favorite areas, combining art, design and development into unique things that move, blink and delight. His projects feature touch, gestures, VR and AR, projection mapping and usually lots of interesting interactions in 2D and 3D.
Starting with math and informatics, he decided to do a full turn and study Multimedia and Virtual Reality Design at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle, Germany. He founded the design label prefrontal cortex together with friends, where they work on various things that are usually 3D, realtime, interactive and with high­quality graphics design. Their projects range from industry software prototypes to museum installations and multitouch mobile experiences.
Besides that, Felix researches into multi­user experiences and gesture­based spatial navigation whenever possible.