Keiwan Donyagard


Electronic Language International Festival

“Evolution” is a simple simulator that demonstrates the power of computational intelligence in a partially interactive manner. You can use joints, bones and muscles to create your own creature designs, which will then attempt to learn how to accomplish various tasks such as running, jumping and climbing stairs all on their own without any user input. Each creature is assigned a basic feed-forward neural-network which acts as the brain and controls the creature’s movement based on its current set of inputs. An evolutionary algorithm is then used in order to optimize the network (and therefore the behaviour) over the course of multiple generations. Users can watch their creatures gradually learn how to use their muscles and improve at their given task, or go back to the drawing board to make adjustments to the design that are getting in the way of success.

Keiwan Donyagard is a software developer currently majoring in Computer Science at TU Dortmund University. He likes to fill his spare time with all kinds of different software projects covering games, simulations, web apps, music and art & animation programs. When he’s not writing software, he is most likely playing the piano or the guitar, or coming up with new project ideas.