Tom Hermans


Electronic Language International Festival

“Mobility!” is a minimalist and accessible platforming game about repairing spaceships. It’s my love letter to the precision platformer, providing multiple difficulty settings and options to make the genre more welcoming to all kinds of players.

Tom Hermans is a game design student and hobbyist game developer. Using games as a means to understand the world in his youth, he got started making games as creative output, and make over a dozen games in six years. As a student, he’s now exploring the possibilities of making games more accessible, interesting, and understandable for people that wouldn’t normally play traditional video games. His latest project in this area, Mobility!, is a game that allows players to control the difficulty and player experience, whereas other games in the genre are normally considered to be masochistic and very difficult.

You can find him on Twitter @Auroriax, or on”