Bárbara Cani

Trapped in a Cosmic Distopy: Back in your head

Electronic Language International Festival

“Trapped in a Cosmic Distopy” is a compilation of seven GIF’S representing the different expressions of a female character who is a prisoner of her own emotions. Her experiences are sometimes surrounded by good feelings, as in dreams. At other times, she expresses agony, fear, and anxiety as if experiencing a dystopia. Portrayed only in silhouette, her appearance is not the focus. As a result, the expression of her feelings is more powerful.

Bárbara Cani is a designer, who graduated in Industrial Design and specializes in Visual Programming. Her work occupies the space between Design and Digital Art. Since 2013 she has been working on a project called “Concha”, which involves media such as animations, 3D illustrations and new technologies such as 3D scanning. Her work reflects on the body and female sexuality. The project has been shown in national and international shows and exhibitions, as well as having a vast number of printed versions, distributed products and digital productions that circulate through various media.