Monica Rizzolli

Quatro Cantos

Electronic Language International Festival

“Quatro Cantos” is an interactive dynamic landscape that represents the Praça do Patriarca in the center of São Paulo at different times. The software was written in Processing and images can be generated using the program. The animation reflects on the process of transformation in the urban landscape, as the vestiges of past times are slowly hidden until they disappear.

Monica Rizzolli Gomes is an artist-programmer. She studied at the Arts Institute of São Paulo State University and at the Kunsthochschule Kassel Fine Arts School in Germany. She has participated in international projects such as MAK Center Artists and Architects (USA), Creatives in Residence (China), Sweet Home (Spain) and A.I.R. DRAWinternational (France). She was awarded the MAK Schindler prize at MAK-Vienna.