Nicolás Bertona

Coreografía del fin ( Coreografia do fim)

Electronic Language International Festival

The concept of my work in GIF has only one objective: to make images lose time. The hypothesis is that the linguistic economy of the GIF makes it a perfect terrorist of itself. His own repetition to infinity reveals time and occupation … The image does not change, it is repeated, it is revealed … few images are so sincere.

Nicolás Bertona (1981) is Argentine. Since 2006 he is an Architect and since 2010 he works with GIF. He was selected in PAC – Annual program of analysis, criticism and art production. Gachi Prieto Gallery, Buenos Aires; and in COMUNITARIA – international residence of contemporary art. Buenos Aires. His works were screened in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and United Kingdom. Since 2016 He founded and manages, together with 7 artists, DESARMADERO /