Sadmb: Sadam Fujioka


“Cubie” is a lap-top music performance with software of the same name, which has unique and imaginative interactions to squarely overcome the problem of lap-top music performance that audiences can’t recognize player’s skill and his/her real-time operation. Those interactions are based on the ideas from some puzzle games and they help audiences to recognize the real-time of the performance easily. This software doesn’t have any convenient function which gets in the way of practicing such as copy and paste, undo and redo, but has imaginative creations combining letters which are encoded information before the advent of digital technology to make rhythm, melody and harmony.The software is understood as a musical sequencer using letters as musical functions, and the music is played with combining them like pieces of puzzle.”Cubie” is released on website. And anyone can download and play it on his/her own PC freely.

“sadmb” is an art project by Sadam Fujioka who is a Japanese artist and computer programmer. His art work focuses around new software instrument for live performance, sound system, minimal music. sadmb’s work has appeared exhibitions or performances around world, including SIGGRAPH, Electro Fringe, International Festival of Electronic Art 404, Asia Digial Art Award. Now he is doing doctor’s course at Graduate School of Design, Advanced Digital Contents Design Unit, Kyushu University.