Daniel Gazana


Electronic Language International Festival

By modulating frequencies, reproducing heavy and distant percussions and sequencing sounds of various metals, the “Equilibrium” Project leads the listener to an environment with an atmosphere of ethereal beauty, where the basic structure of the work explores the dynamics of relaxation interrelating and contrasting with the piano and guitar movements.
Result of the intersemiotic translation of several thoughts and reflections of the artist, the work brings the hope of reaching the light through balance in a world of false plastic dreams.

With a graduation in Industrial Design, he has been working in the various areas of design, besides researching, composing and producing experiments in the field of music. With emphasis on his musical and sound manifestations for over 10 years, he explores in his works different techniques of capturing, producing, broadcasting and sound programming, without worrying about the mainstream, thus revealing the plurality of his productions, becoming one of the exponents of sonority and experimental electronic music.