Sylvain Souklaye

Épilogue, épitaphe, et puis rien…

FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival



‘Épilogue, épitaphe, et puis rien…’ (Epilogue, epitaph, and then nothing…) is a sonic and narrative piece written by Sylvain Souklaye. With the use of airborne synthesis and intimate sub-bass, he explores the underside of Paris. From luxurious parties behind heavy curtains to the Syrian refugees searching for a place to sleep, Souklaye gives us a sound and a story to listen to, for those curious about another Paris. ‘Épilogue, épitaphe, et puis rien…’ is a three-act docudrama about the Parisian urban night. It represents a lost memory of the City of Light, captured in waves. ‘Épilogue, épitaphe, et puis rien…’ is an audio placebo.


French artist Sylvain Souklaye is interested in sampling memorial narratives about resilient human beings living in deprived urban areas extracting themselves out of systemic segregation. Self-taught, Souklaye began with happenings, as a means of kidnapping his audience during an intimate moment. He later experimented with digital art installations and performance art while pursuing his path as a writer. Among his best-known pieces are la blackline, le déserteur and TME. He characteristically makes use of intense physical acts as well as unsettling intimacy. He uses field recordings as a further narrative layer.