Costanza Savarese & Lara Genovese


FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival



As a result of everybody not being able to dream anymore, Cheshire Cat wanders in empty darkness. She sinks in her psychosis and encounters her alter ego, The Black Queen, who challenges her to break free. As the craziness escalates, she evokes distorted versions of Wonderland’s inhabitants (The Red Queen, The Mad Hatter). Her story is narrated by the Hanging man. Ultimately, she resigns to living isolated in her nightmare.

Costanza Savarese is a concert soloist and vocal performer (five-octave vocal range) .“Los Angeles Global Music Award” winner. First classical guitarist featured on Classic Rock. Designs her costumes/make-up. Founder of REFORMO. Lara Genovese is an Italian Director/ Designer, Photographer and Founder of Naiad Productions. Former Architect and Imagineer for Disney, she now works in design for feature films, writes and directs both for theatre and film.