Gintas K

Digital Vintage

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival



Played live in real time, Vintage Digital has a retrospective live electronic aesthetic. Explores the tension between computer algorithms and human sensibility.


Gintas K is a sound artist / composer living and working in Lithuania. He is working in the field of digital experimental and electroacoustic music. Gintas has presented his works, performed at various international festivals, symposiums as Transmediale.05, Transmediale.07, ISEA 2015, ISSTA 2016, IRCAM Forum Workshop 2017, xCoAx 2018, ICMC2018, ICMC-NYCEMF 2019.
Indra Kraptavičiūtė is an experimental art designer from Lithuania. She expresses herself through pulsating digital art, audio-visualizations and illustrations mostly with vibrant lines and shading.