Philip Mantione

Disputed Artifacts

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival

I have been grappling with the idea that truth has become nothing more that a myth. It is reinvented, manipulated, and bastardized on a daily basis by those controlling the means of dissemination. These ideas have informed this piece and although I did not set out to impose any narrative in a musical sense, my mind-set seems to have instigated certain related sonic outcomes.


Philip Mantione is a LA-based composer, sound designer, guitarist, computer musician, educator, writer and multimedia artist whose career spans over two decades. His work includes music for orchestra, various mixed ensembles, computer, fixed media, interactive performance, multimedia and sound installation, and music and sound design for experimental video. He writes custom software to meld field recordings, samples, computer-generated sounds and analog electronics into unique sonic textures.