Sofia Rodrigues Barbosa

Narrativa Sonora N1

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Hypersonica
Electronic Language International Festival

The piece was drawn from an imaginary perception of sound; methodologically, here sound is thought of as image and video. I emphasized a linear type of narrative: the construction of a diegetic sequence by the dismembering of the action and the creation of sound arrangements. Thematic questions are raised concerning the sounds that go unnoticed: what is the sound of daily life, of the individual, of falling in love, of love?


Sofia Rodrigues Barbosa is a brazilian young artist who is finishing her research and bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at Universidade de Brasília. She is now working with a variety of languages that come together in the topic “love as a language in contemporary art”. Recently the artist has addressed her interests to dialogs between obsolete technologies and present time, devoting to a bigger genre that she conceives as art and technology.