Havane Melo & Renê Freire

Átrio | piano e vídeo experimental

Electronic Language International Festival


Havane Melo & Renê Freire – Átrio | piano e vídeo experimental – Brazil

Composed to be the theme song for the homonymous album by pianist and composer Renê Freire, Átrio is pulsating and unfolds in an experimental video produced by the artist Havane Melo. Over the years, the duo of artists has been professionally developing their languages and building their professional and academic careers. Now, they are once again on a sound and visual aesthetic journey, where the audience can appreciate the conflict between the strength of the mind and the desires of the heart.


Havane Melo is a visual artist, photographer and university professor. She participated in several exhibitions and has presented her works in several states. Her work is based on creating fictional narratives.

Renê Freire is a pianist and composer. His work dialogues with his time and seeks new frontiers for the instrument. In addition to Átrio (2021), the musician released the album Nevroses, in 2020.