Jorge Denis Molina

Misterios de ultramar

Electronic Language International Festival

Jorge Denis Molina – Misterios de ultramar – Cuba 

A work inspired by the radio art work of the Argentinian sound artist Santiago Pederna. Misterios de ultramar is critical of the social situation in Cuba and the immigration issue. The language is similar to that of sound film, radio art and soundscapes, using recognizable sounds and without processing or distortion, resulting in frontal rhetoric, but with a high dramatic content.


Graduated in violin from the ENA and in composition from the ISA. As a composer participated in national festivals, and won awards in the Jojazz contest and in the Harold Gramatges of UNEAC. Currently teaches electroacoustic composition at ISA, is a specialist at the LNME and a scriptwriter for the television program Espacio electrónico.