Julian Scordato

Earth song

Electronic Language International Festival

Julian Scordato – Earth song – Italy

The low frequency radio waves that propagate in the Earth’s atmosphere assume distinct characteristics in relation to the emitting source as well as the receiving point, affected by phenomena such as reflection, refraction, diffraction and absorption. Considering the electromagnetic radiations generated by natural disturbances, these phenomena have been transposed into an audio feedback network in order to obtain imaginary results by exploring the effect of space-time parameter variation.


Julian Scordato is a composer and artist whose practice focuses mainly on sound, graphics, algorithms and interactivity. He studied composition and electronic music in Venice and sound art at the University of Barcelona. Co-founder of the Arazzi Laptop Ensemble, director of SaMPL – Sound and Music Processing Lab –, he is coordinator of the Electronic Music School of the Conservatory of Padua.