Marpi Studio

Wave Atlas

FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Installations
Electronic Language International Festival

Wave Atlas is a water world teeming with artificial digital life, which users simultaneously create and discover. The more users who interact, the richer and more complex this ecology grows.
Using triggers and movements tracked via HTC Vive controllers, users create segmented swimmers that they can set free in a virtual ocean expanse. Once released, the creatures play and interact, glittering sculptures in a digital current.
The creatures of Wave Atlas are inspired by nudibranchs and leafy seadragons, marine animals with arresting color patterns and an astonishing array of forms.

Marpi Studio makes work inspired by the complexities of the natural world and the possibilities of alternate futures.
Whether self-directed or commissioned, our artworks for public, private, and digital space bring environments, entities, and behaviors into being with code. We ask our audiences to co-create with us, transforming their interactions into avatars, gestures, and physics that shape the work in playful and unexpected ways.
Founded in San Francisco in 2019 by Marpi, a creative technologist and artist, Marpi Studio is now based on the island of Alameda, California.