Juliana Mori

timeLandscape – wool rhythms

“timeLandscape – wool rhythms” 2010. Part of timeLandscape series, 2009 – 2010. Video, audio, projector, speakers, custom patch (PD-Gem), sensor, wool engine. Variable dimensions and duration, loop. “timeLandscape – woolrhythms” is an interactive audiovisual installation in which a landscape is depicted from its multiple time possibilities and [re]composed through users’ real time interaction. The installation was developed in Biella, Italy, an area economically attached to textile industry, and deals with the cyclical perception of time and human, linear, interference on it. It gathers nature and artefact, by connecting a physical wool engine to digital imagery of daily cycles. By turning the wheel crank, users generate movement starting the engine. Through a sensor attached to the machine, software calculates the rotation speed, altering parameters for mixing audio and video fragments in real time. Every turn of the machine leads to different time thread combinations in response to the rhythm and speed of each interactor.

Juliana Mori. Lives and works in São Paulo, Brasil. Audiovisual artist graduated in Social Communication at PUC-SP, master in Digital Arts at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona-Spain. Since 1999, she’s worked in audiovisual productions for production companies and broadcast channels. Currently, her work is focused on interactive audiovisual narratives. Matteo Sisti Sette. Telecomunication Engineer by Padua University, Italy, and master in Digital Arts by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), Barcelona-Spain. He’s been programmer of Catalan artist Marcellí Antunez’ studio, among others. Currently, Matteo is a professor at the Digital Arts master’s at UPF.