Soichiro Mihara

The Blank to Overcome


Part of the ”blank” project that the artist has been creating since 2011, “The Blank to Overcome” utilizes air pumps, power supply control circuitry, water, solution, glycerin, ethanol and electricity to produce bubbles in the air. The theme of ”blanks” denotes a space for an unsolved ”inquiry” through the perspectives for thinking about the post-3.11 present: how the bubbles are always shifting as a giant cluster, almost without mass or structure, and the facing up to this; and the framework since modernity that has prescribed society, and the ”involved” or the ”other”. From this work debate will surely emerge.

Born in 1980 in Tokyo, he presents systems that center on sound as artworks. Since 2011, he has been creating a project themed around blank spaces investigating the relationship between technology and blanks that brings society into existence. Currently, Soichiro Mihara is residing at SymbioticA in Australia in order to examine biotechnology.