Sergio Mora-Díaz


FILE Sao Paulo 2022 | Led Show
Electronic Language International Festival

“Latente” is an audiovisual study about geometry, scale and dynamic perception of space. Using essential shapes such as points and lines, the piece creates an abstract universe with its own structures and rules, defined by mathematical and geometric patterns. The resulting forms move, change, interact and arrange as a complex system, a living organism that pulses and expands to surround us like a landscape. Latente transports us through three-dimensional compositions with different depth planes, evoking behaviors of nature and the cosmos.

Sergio Mora-Diaz is a new media artist based in Santiago, Chile. His work explores digital technologies and light as mediators between physical spaces, nature and the human body. Graduated from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, his works have been exhibited internationally in different art spaces and festivals such as Scienceworks Planetarium in Melbourne, Australia; K Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea; Lincoln Center; and ZAZ10 Times Square in New York City, USA. He has also participated in artistic, educational, and research organizations such as Choreographic Coding Lab by The Forsythe Company; Virtual Reality Lab at Samsung Global Innovation Center; Sinestesia Think & Do Tank; and CILUZ Light and Energy Research Center.