Electronic Language International Festival



In the LED SHOW category, FILE São Paulo 2023 welcomes a partnership with the Visual Arts Course of the Plastic Arts Department of the School of Communications and Arts at the University of São Paulo. The works were developed under the guidance of Profa. Dra. Silvia Laurentiz. 

This partnership seeks to reaffirm the connection with national universities, fostering  stimulation and production of art in new media: a unique opportunity to access languages, cutting-edge technologies and innovative resources for reflection and experimentation of the artistic environment and cultural circuits.



Cotidianos Imperceptíveis, or “imperceptible everyday things” in english, are those aspects of daily life that go unnoticed or are overlooked by most people. These aspects include activities, behaviors and patterns that are so common that they become unremarkable, or so subtle that they go unnoticed. Daily life guided by social relationships and the way people communicate with each other often present automatic interactions or communication patterns that are inconspicuously adopted. Images can be used to reflect upon and question this set of imperceptible everyday routines, as they can be edited or combined to express ideas or critiques of day-to-day and modern life.


Ana Caroline Cordeiro dos Santos
Angela Nunes Felicio
Anna de Aguiar e Santos
Antonio Yudi Pontual Ikeda
Daniel Alexsander Silva da Luz
Dourivan Conceição Lima
Giovanna Bars Souza
Gustavo de Oliveira
Isabella Monis Cardoso Medeiros
Isabella Stael Martins Arruda Pereira
Ítalo Patrício Vichietti
Jeksandro de Oliveira Sousa
João Vitor Otero Marconi
Julia Santos Barbosa
Kaliandra Andrade Freitas
Larissa Fernandes Martins da Silva
Laura Alves de Souza Ferreira e Silva
Laura Marandino Diaz
Leticia Bruni Arcanjo
Lucia Leiko Ishikawa
Mateus Andrei Missau de Almeida
Rafael Shiraishi de Campos
Rafael Vilela Zacchi
Sarah Jesus de Araujo
Stephanie Maria Strobel Cardoso
Vitor Menezes Barbosa Sendrete

Grupo Realidades/ECA/USP