Rozendaal Project

The Rozendaal Project is a project of interactive animation that will be exhibited in the Digital Gallery of SESI (huge LED panel on the FIESP Building facade) in the event FILE LED SHOW.
Four interactive works by artist Rafaël Rozendaal were adapted to be projected onto the digital LED panel: “”, “”, “thepersistenceof “, and “”. The public access will be from August 25 through September 7 from 8pm to 10pm.
Although simple, the animations by Rozendaal present an accurate artistic and aesthetic nature starting from abstract art and merging into minimalism and pop art. For this exhibition the artist chose the following works:, a volcano during an abstract digital eruption with a colorful lava that can be controlled through an interactive interface on Paulista Avenue; Hybrid is an explosion of colors accelerating and slowing down as the user moves his/her fingers on the screen;, where the artist conveys his existential anguish; and that allows to play with lines that form a great web and even break them.
Rafaël Rozendaal was born in the Netherlands, and their parents are a Dutch-Brazilian couple. Nowadays he lives and works in New York, but he travels constantly working anywhere he can find a connection with the Internet. His practice consists of websites, installations, drawings, and articles spread across a wide net of domains drawing around 30 million online visits a year.
The main reason behind Rozendaal’s choice for digital art is probably in his childhood. When he was a little boy, he felt bad to get rid of his drawings, so he used to make printed copies to keep them. With the emergence of the Internet and, he realised that he could do and sell his works and, at the same time, make them accessible on-line for anyone worldwide. This idea permeates his websites, where the available domain determines the title of the work. When he sells a work (or domain), the buyer’s name appears beside the title of the work when it is seen in a Web browser. Rozendaal holds the right to exhibit the work anywhere, including his personal website, while the buyer can exhibit the work in the desired way. Rozendaal has already created more than 100 websites.