Danse Macabre

The inspiration for this comes from various sources, but there is a song from the “Death and the Maiden” quartet by Franz Schubert I found particularly useful: The Maiden: Oh! leave me! Prithee, leave me! Thou grisly man of bone! For life is sweet, is pleasant. Go! leave me now alone! Go! leave me now alone! Death: Give me thy hand, oh! maiden fair to see, For I’m a friend, hath ne’er distress’d thee. Take courage now, and very soon Within mine arms shalt softly rest thee!”

I am a teacher of English living in Japan. Originally I started making machinima with a series of short movies made using the Sims2 game engine. However, about two years ago, I became attracted to Moviestorm. A wonderful program geared specifically to directors interested in making machinima. Since then I’ve continued to experiment with different genre and am currently involved in several movies, the biggest project being Jekyll and Hyde which I am directing as a series of six ten minute videos.