Jerry Galle


FILE Sao Paulo 2019 | Media Art
Electronic Language International Festival


‘DITTO’ is a software program, website and book-machine with a changing identity that articulates its opinion about its artistic machine-being. By means of brief, idiosyncratic remarks, data analysis, digital drawings and machine texts, the software attempts to voice opinions on subjects such as language, the image, artificial intelligence, art and the relevance of its own code within all of this. In a sense, ‘DITTO’ engages in a dialogue with the Internet, in which it tests its code, images and databases against online elements such as raw data and found images and texts. These online elements are selected from the internet with a built in ‘web crawler’, or bot, using paired search terms: art–language, art–code, art–robot, and art–artificial intelligence. Furthermore, some of the scripts are prewritten (‘hard-coded’) and function as slogans or propaganda material for an AI society, reminiscent of the Situationists International.


Jerry Galle is a Belgian artist mainly working with software, online interventions and robot drawings or paintings. His work often reflects on contemporary techno-driven models. Practices such as hacking or disrupting binary codes and unmasking AI pretexts are central to his output. He is a teacher and researcher in the Media Arts department of the School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium and is also a Fellow at v2 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.