FILE Metro – Performances Post-Selfie
(pavements outside Consolação, Trianon-Masp and Brigadeiro subway stations)
Schedule: August 26 through 31, 2014 (12am to 9pm)

The interactive performances in the subway of São Paulo inviting the public to broaden their perceptions through wearable devices that stimulate offline communication through touch and visual contact.

Eric Siu – Touchy – Hong Kong

“Touchy” is a wearable device that transforms the human being into a functioning camera. The individual who is wearing the device is constantly “blinded” unless someone touches his/her skin. When physical contact is maintained for 10 seconds, the camera takes a photo which is displayed on the device’s LCD. The work is devised to encourage offline communication through touch and visual contact.

Katsuki Nogami – YamadaTaroProject – Japan

“YamadaTaroProject” is a performance in which the artist exchanges his own face with people’s faces on the streets using an iPad. The idea is to express the temporality and the anonymity of the internet, in which people on the SNS choose a face for themselves.

The Constitute: Sebastian Piatza & Christian Zoellner – Eyesect – Germany

“Eyesect” is a wearable interactive constellation that reflects a disembodied experiment in immersive ways. Two handheld cameras capture the surroundings and stream the image data straight to the single eyes. The spatial perceptions are constructed inside the human sensory system. Arms and fingers become eye-muscles and create impossible human-biological perspectives.