Håkan Lidbo & Max Björverud

The Singing Tunnel

Electronic Language International Festival

The most hated parts of urban infrastructure are pedestrian tunnels. They are nameless, smelly and scary.
“The Singning Tunnel” transforms these places into inspiring and creative spaces.When someone sings in the tunnel, a computer detects the pitch of the notes and sings back the same note, with a beautiful choir. It becomes like a guardian agnel following your singing. “The Singing Tunnel” is also self-learning. It remembers all notes that everyone have sung – and when no one is singing, it can sing it’s own melody created by the most common notes sung by everyone.
“The Singing Tunnel” is a project by Håkan Lidbo and Max Björverud from Sweden.

Håkan Lidbo is a techno music producer that also makes sound art, interactive installations, apps, games and robots.

Max Björverud is a Swedish sound artist working with technology, interaction installations and urban sound.