Little Babylon

Electronic Language International Festival

The pavilion “Little Babylon” is an inflatable ‘data-parasite’. It can be placed at random locations in cities to collect data about them and then to communicate this data with the audience in an interactive way as a dynamic, audio-visual show. The pavilion personifies the digital city and mines twitter for specific topics and translates this data in movement, visuals and sound, which together show the sentiment and temperament of the city.

Rezone is an experimental art, architecture and new-media initiative from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Rezone creates projects that connect architecture, urban planning, art and new media. It’s goal is to initiate innovative (art)projects that enhance the quality of urban spaces. Rezone aims to explicitly involve the public in the development of their urban environments.

Rezone works internationally with architects, gamedesigners and interactiondesigners. Rezone has exhibited work at the Bicity Biennale of urbanisme/architecture Shenzhen, rePLAYCE: theCITY Zurich, Het nieuwe instituut Roterdam, Van AbbeMuseum, won the excellence award at the18th Japan Media Festival for installation 3RD and created publications with partners like the Mobile City.