FILE Festival in Sao Paulo

FILE São Paulo

New projects mark the 12th edition of FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, that happens from July 19 to August 21, 2011.

Sesi-SP and FIESP present the 12th edition of FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, that happens this year at the Fiesp – Ruth Cardoso Cultural Center, from July 19 to August 21, Mondays 11am-17pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am-8pm, Sundays 10am-7pm. The program occupies the Sesi-SP Art Gallery, the Theater and the Mezzanine of the Cultural Center, at Paulista Ave., which will host the exhibition, performances and workshops with free admission.
In its 12th edition, FILE presents a gathering of festivals:


10. Interactive Installations


• FILE presents the work of Lawrence Malstaf, a Belgian artist recognized around the world, winner of several international prizes

The work of Lawrence Malstaf may be placed in the frontier between visual arts and theater. FILE SP 2011 offers the public the opportunity of experimenting one of his sensorial installations, Nemo Observatorium, an immersive simulation in which the visitor sits on a chair inside a large plastic cylinder and has the sensorial experience of being in a tornado, seeing cyclic visual patterns or different pixel layers in 3D.

• Elucidating Feedback – Ben Jack – New Zealand
The interaction between the visitor and a brain-computer interface device illustrates the concept of neurofeedback in the instalaltion, which is controlled mentally, on the creativity inherent in the act of observing. The more one pays attention to the installation, more the order is reflected on the work’s video and audio.

• ADA (analog interactive kinetic sculpture) – Karina Smigla-Bobinski – Poland / Germany
In this installation, the visitor reacts to a transparent globe that floats freely in the room, with charcoal points that leave marks on the walls, floor and ceiling.

• Link and Journey – Elliot John Woods and Mimi Son – South Korea
Link is an installation that uses cardboard boxes as support for video projections using the Video Mapping technique – which allows to project 3D images through a tablet (iPad 1) in any architectural surface.

Journey is a box in in which visitors may mount a scene by positioning acrylic plates, each of them representing an element of Seoul.

• Time Landscape – wool rhythms – Juliana Mori and Matteo Sisti Sette – Brazil
Interactive audio-visual installation, in which a landscape documented from multiple possibilities is (re)composed in real time from the interaction with an old loom.

• Body Hack – Eric Siu – Hong Kong / Japan
“Body Hack” is a karaoke game that involves dynamic interactive roles using the whole body. Players embody iconic figures from film and TV with their own bodies and their double on the screen. The game arouses the desire of emulating celebrities in a hilarious situation.

• Algorithmic search for Love – Julian Palacz – Austria
On introducing a sentence such as “I love her”, all the films or video clips with that phrase will be shown in sequence. The selection of keywords, therefore, determines the process of producing new sequences of images and sounds in the filmed material. “Algorithmic search for love” creates an algorithm that opens to the spectator new possibilities in terms of audio-visual narratives.

FILE Tablet
FILE hosts the 1st edition of FILE Tablet, to present applications that propose new ways of interpreting the real, new reasoning games. What was only a digital book is definitely revolutionizing the mobile technology.

• SINGING FINGERS – Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum – United States
Intending to transform something invisible (sound) into something that can be seen and built through exploratory experience, this app allows to move the finger freely on the screen while one speaks or sings. It’s like singing on a can of spray paint and then playing and remixing what has been sung by one or more users. One of the most original applications created up to this moment.

FILE Hypersonica
Sesi Theater – São Paulo – Paulista Ave., 1313
July 19 to 22

FILE Hypersonica is an experimental event of electronic sonority that offers freely to the public an array of innovative sonic productions that use contemporary digital tools.
FILE Hypersonica presents in this edition four nights of sonic electronic experiments, gathring seven significant Brazilian and international artists who create new musical parameters: Euphorie (France), Alfredo Cinameo (Holland), Nicolas Maigret (France), André Rangel (Portugal), Eduardo Patrício (Brazil), Eduardo Nespoli (Brazil) and Giuliano Obici (Brazil).

Euphorie – France
Created by 1024 Architecture with the support of Arcadi (founder of Nemo festival in Paris), the audiovisual performance reconsiders the “guitar hero” myth, replacing the old device for “neon guitars”. Simultaneously intimate and surprising, Euphorie deals with the experiences of the contemporary theater audience, as well as electronic music, offering a completely new approach.


Free admission to all the program
FILE – Electronic Language International Festival (exhibition)
OPENING FOR GUESTS: July 18, 7.30 pm
Venue: Fiesp – Ruth Cardoso Cultural Center – Av. Paulista, 1313 – Trianon-Masp subway
Date and time: July 19 to August 21, 2011 – Mondays 11am-17pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am-8pm, Sundays 10am-7pm.
Information: (55 11) 3146-7405 / 3146-7406
Group visit scheduling: Mondays to Fridays 10 am-1pm, 2pm-5pm, by phone 3146-7396 / talk to Leni
Approved to all ages

Venue: Sesi Theater – São Paulo – Ave. Paulista, 1313 –Trianon-Masp subway
Date and time: July 19 to 22, 8pm.
Approved to all ages

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