The main purpose of FILE is to show different types of electronic media, and promote its interaction with visitors through visuals and sound. This year, among some of the key points are the “Tunnel” by Rejane Cantoni Crescenti and Leonardo (Brazil), “Paradoxical Sleep”, by Nicolas Reeves, David St-Onge and Ghislaine Dote (Canada) and” Starry Night ” by Petros Vrellis (Greece). Until the 19th August in São Paulo, the 13th edition of the “FILE-Electronic Language International Festival”. It supports a series of highlights as Installations, Games, Hypersonic and Media Art.

The first one shows an interactive sculpture composed by 93 frames that move in accordance with body weight of the visitor. The second is a large cube that floats in the exhibition space. The third one is inspired by the famous painting “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh, where visitors can touch the image and change the paint.

It’s Cool because proposed interaction, approaching art and technology to visitors. Various topics related to electronic culture are also covered through lectures and discussions, allowing the spread of electronic and digital arts exponents of Brazilian and international.