Takeshi Mukai, Kei Shiratori & Younghyo Bak – ARART

“ARART” is an application that breathes life into objects. It links reality with the expressions delivered through mobile devices adding new stories and values to the real environment.
How will the impressions of the environment that surround us and the various objects that envelop our bodies change through “ARART”?
We propose “ARART” as a new platform of expression that can maintain a strong link with reality.

Takeshi Mukai:
Born in Japan in 1985, studied social sciences at Ritsumeikan University in 2004 and new media arts at IAMAS in 2009. He is a graphic designer and a programmer who focuses on visual arts with technologies.

Kei Shiratori:
A Tokyo-Ogaki-based sound artist, musician and DJ currently interested in autonomous distributed co-optative system. Founder of Matilde inc.

Younghyo Bak:
Media artist interested in visual expressions and autonomous distributed co-optative system.