In 2011 FILE – Electronic Language International Festival has launched FILE Anima+, an animation festival that since its first edition brings the best animated filmes in the world by means of its own curatorship and its partnership with renowned international festivals, like Japan Media Arts and SIGGRAPH.
FILE Anima+ is a showcase for professionals of the animation industry, educational institutions, students, and emerging artists and, in this edition in Rio de Janeiro, it presents a selection comprising around one hundred animations which intend to inspire and seduce the public.
There are four games and three animations with the new concept of contents’ expanding scenography, including “The Me Bird”, by Brazilian Gabriel Kempers and 18 Bis Studio. This piece is a free interpretation of a poem by Pablo Neruda and focuses a ballerina in quest of freedom. Their authors use the “strata stencil” technique, i.e., layers that convey the idea of evolving motions and actions.
Another highlight is “Attraction”, the world’s first animated anime, which was developed by Izaias Cavalcanti and Anderson Barros, by means of a partnership among Japan, France, and Brazil. This piece was part of an-antismoking campaign and was created by UNIT 9 and Studio 4ºC with direction by Anrick Bregman and Koji Morimoto, director of the prestigious “Akira” and “Animatrix”. It tells the story of Hiro, Koichi and Ren, three kids who live in Tokyo in the year 2040 and discover that growing up isn’t as fun as it seems at first. By means of Kinect, the visitor can interact in the roles of the very characters of the animation or indicate the road they should follow.
For FILE Anima+ it is important to create more and more new audiences for the animation medium promoting it as an artform, undoing the idea that cartoons are just for children and consecrating it as a platform of multidisciplinary artistic communication.
FILE Anima+, which is organized by FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, is held every year in São Paulo, with editions in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. This is a free-entry event for all ages.

Raquel Olivia Fukuda
FILE Anima+ Coordinator


Celia Riviere – L’Odyssée du feu sacré – França | France
Dawn Brown – House of Monsters – Estados Unidos | United States
Fernando Maldonado & Jorge Tereso – Shave It – Argentina
Gabriel Kempers – The Me Bird – Brasil | Brazil
Henrique Barone – The man who saw a boat – Brasil | Brazil
Henning Lederer – Numb – Alemanha | Germany
Joanna Lurie – The Silence Beneath the Bark – França | France
Katie Cropper – The Productive Anijam – Estados Unidos | United States
Ludo Gavillet – Monsterbox – França | France
Marie Vieleville – Soeur et Frère – França | France
Martin Brunet, Alex Vial, Leslie Martin & Matthieu Garcia – OZO – França | France
Mélanie Tourneur – Animal – Bélgica | Belgium
Mélanie Tourneur – Premieres Plumes – Bélgica | Belgium
Nadav Arbel – Common is the sense – Israel
Renata G?siorowska – Birthday – Polônia | Poland
Rhiannon Evans – Heartstrings – Reino Unido | United Kingdom
Riccardo Renna – The Final Straw – Estados Unidos | United States
Robert Wallace – Dead Head – Estados Unidos | United States
Ryan Mauskopf – Professor Soap: Chapter One – Estados Unidos | United States
Ryan Mauskopf – Spacetime Fabric Softener – Estados Unidos | United States
Simón Wilches – Semáforo – Colômbia | Colombia
Ya-Ting Yu – Out of Sight – Taiwan

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design – For the remainder – Jerusalém | Jerusalem
Blur Studio.Inc – The girl with the dragon tattoo – Estados Unidos | United States
Colorbleed – Mac’n’Cheese – Holanda | Netherlands
Dilated Pixels – Dilated Pixels Episodic Television VFX 2011-12 – Estados Unidos | United States
Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg – Herr Hoppe & Der Atommüll – Alemanha | Germany
Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg – OH Sheep! – Alemanha | Germany
Jeff Call, Brigham Young University – ESTEFAN – Estados Unidos | United States
Mikros Image – Rising – França | France
Nucleus Medical Media – Fertilization – Estados Unidos | United States
Passion Pictures/Strange Beast – Clover ‘Way Better’ – Estados Unidos | United States
Pixar Animation Studios – How to eat your apple – Estados Unidos | United States
Planktoon – Réflexion – Itália | Italy
RealtimeUK – Dirt3 – Reino Unido | United Kingdom
RealtimeUK – Release your imagination – Reino Unido | United Kingdom
Rumble Studios – Project Photofly – Áustria | Austria
Supinfocom Arles – Rosette – Europa
Supinfocom Arles – Wanted Melody – Europa
Supinfocom Valenticiennes – Jack & Chuck – Europa
The school of Visual Arts – RAMUS – Estados Unidos | United States
WeWereMonkeys – Of Monsters and Men´Little talks – Reino Unido | United Kingdom

SICAF 2012 Festival Trailler

David Prosser – Mountain – Reino Unido | United Kingdom
Christopher Kezelos – The Maker – Austrália | Australia
Edmunds Jansons – Choir Tour – Letônia | Latvia
Erick Oh – How to Eat Your Apple – Coreia do Sul | South Korea
Georgly Boguslavskly – The Last Gulp – Rússia | Russia
Hu Yuanyuan – Sunset Flower Blooming – Japão | Japan
Irina Dakeva – Baby I´m Yours – França | France
Joni Mannisto – Swarming – Finlândia | Finland
Kim Jin-Man – Noodle Fish – Coreia do Sul | South Korea
Pierre Ducos & Bertrand Bey – La Détente – França | France

Japan Media Arts Festival

GODA Tsuneo – I’m also a Bear – Japão | Japan
HU Yuanyuan – Sunset Flower Blooming – China
KIM Hakhyun – Awaiting – Coreia do Sul | South Korea
KONDOH Akino – KiyaKiya – Japão | Japan
KUBO Yutaro – Crazy for It – Japão | Japan
MIZUSHIRI Yoriko – Futon – Japão | Japan
OTOMO Katsuhiro – Combustible – Japão | Japan
SUZUKI Saori – Deposit of Sentiment – Japão | Japan
TSUGEHATA Aya – The Sakuramoto Broom Workshop – Japão | Japan
UWABO Misaki – New Tokyo Ondo – Japão | Japan
WADA Atsushi – The Great Rabbit – Japão | Japan
YOSHIDA Maho – Recruit Rhapsody – Japão | Japan