Gigoia Studios & Carlos Monteiro

Impressionist Windmills 360

FILE 2018 | VIDEO 360
Electronic Language International Festival

Do you dream walking inside a painting?Transpose yourself inside Paul Joseph’s “In the month of July” painting! Visit Netherlands windmills farms in 1889 from a Impressionist masters point of view. A short, simple, contemplative experience for fine arts lovers!

Soundtrack: WINDMILLS – Impromptu for harpsichord and flute in C major by Gigoia Waves.

Carlos Monteiro is a Multimedia Designer, Game Artist and Music composer with 18 years of experience in 3D, motion graphics and Fine Arts. Also, 7 years doing Art direction and Level design for Indie games and Serious games.
Graduated in Fine Arts, Environments for games and Design. CEO and Game Artist at Gigoia Studios and Star Palm Games.